A unique puppy Piglet, against all expectations, pulled out a lucky dog ​​ticket

Nature does not like unique people, however, like human society. And if you were also born defective, deaf and blind, bald, with translucent pink skin, then it’s quite a pipe. But Piglet, who was so nicknamed for his resemblance to a cartoon character, found himself in an extremely unusual situation. And from a rogue puppy, he became the king of the animal shelter that the entire Internet is now talking about.

If a dachshund sins with a Chihuahua, the chance that a cute puppy will be born is not very big. Alas.

And Piglet was not lucky twice or even three times, because the nasty genes of his parents suddenly combined into one monstrous mixture. Bald, pink instead of spotted, deaf and blind puppy.

And then the first surprise – pink attracted attention to him.

Zoo defenders’ hearts melted and Piglet got a chance to survive

In 2017, he was transferred from the hinterland of Georgia to a shelter in Connecticut.

A crumb weighing 680 grams and a lousy appetite

They couldn’t get him anywhere. At first there were no candidates, and then the temporary owners fell in love so much that they kept the puppy for themselves.

Piglet learned to live in this world for a long time

Fortunately, there were many helpers around – a whole bunch of dogs

The owners relied on the unusual essence of Piglet, he is a walking advertisement and a mascot of the shelter

For example, Piglet participates in virtue and survival lessons in schools in Plainville, Massachusetts. His story inspires children.

And also Piglet is a muzzle, in the sense of a face, a shelter. Filmed in promotional videos.

The puppy, and now an adult dog, is constantly on the road. He’s still the same blind and deaf, but it’s even better – people pay attention faster.

All Piglet’s problems have become the slogans of new educational campaigns. First, the ban on thoughtless dog breeding – ownerless puppies die! Secondly, there is no need to interbreed those who will give sick offspring. Third, it is better to take a dog from a shelter and help the world than to pay a breeder and support such a practice.


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