A very strange rabbit was rescued from euthanasia and became a star of the Net

Have you ever seen a hairless rabbit? There is one such specimen in Australia named Mr. Bigglesworth.

Due to a genetic defect, he has hair only on his face, legs and tail, and so he is completely bald.

The breeder wanted to put him to sleep, but Cassandra Hall saw a picture of him on Facebook, under which it was written “not for sale” and decided to save the poor fellow. So this unusual pet found a home.

Due to the lack of cover, the bald rabbit is constantly freezing, so he jumps on the floor in socks, and the hostess also puts on a warm hoodie with a hood or a cardigan.

Mr. Bigglesworth has good manners – he goes to the toilet on the tray, and he also has an excellent appetite.

Cassandra already had one ordinary rabbit named Loafi, and the woman decided to create an Instagram page for her pets.

She often posts photos of her favorites, but most of all she takes pictures of Mr. Bigglesworth, who has become a real star of the network and has gained a lot of fans.

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