A veterinarian from Chelyabinsk rescues rare animals and delights everyone with his kindness!

I want to tell the whole world about this man! He has a big kind heart and a bright soul.

His name is Karen Dallakyan. He is a very talented and experienced veterinarian. A man helps unfortunate wild animals in trouble.

Karen was born in Yerevan. His mother was a biologist, so from childhood he spent a lot of time at her work – at the Yerevan Zoo. At home he constantly had many pets, which he himself looked after.

After school, he wanted to become a doctor, but something did not work out with the documents, and he became a veterinarian. In 1993 he came to Chelyabinsk and stayed there. His first place of work was the “Club of Cat Lovers”.

He shares that at the beginning of his career, healthy pedigree animals were brought to him for euthanasia. Mainly because they needed expensive care. Even then, Karen was thinking about opening a fund for the protection of animals, but there was very little information about this.

Then he decided to go to Moscow. This is where the Save Me Foundation appeared. Brigitte Bardot was the first to send her greetings.

Once Karen was approached from the Sverdlovsk region. In a traveling circus, the tiger Zhora fell ill. His muzzle was swollen and suppuration began. But the reason was different. The tiger was fed chicken with bones. One of them pierced the gum of the animal and got stuck.

Karen began treatment, which lasted almost a year. He looked after the tiger, walked it.

Zhora became a star. He was the mascot of two football championships then took him to an animal rehabilitation center in Khabarovsk.

Not so long ago, animals from the Totem zoo got into “Save me”. His mistress died, and her husband could not cope with the zoo alone. He tried to sell the animals to bars and private hands for entertainment, but volunteers stopped him and turned to Karen. So the puma and the leopard were in good hands.

Little lioness Lola was used to entertain tourists. When she grew up, they wanted to put her to sleep. But the woman who looked after her turned to Karen. Now Lola lives in Taigan.

There is another story. In one of the private houses, a wild lynx tore a dog to pieces. The owner of the house set a trap and caught the animal. The district policeman forbade people to kill the lynx, and contacted Karen. She was saved, but she lost her paw.

According to the law, she had to be released, but without a limb, she would not be able to live in the wild. She was left in the nursery.

This is just a small part of what Karen does for the animals.

His support is his family.

Low bows to Karen and people like him!


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