Abandoned Chonker Cat Found A New Furrever Home, And Became An Instagram Celebrity

Abandoned cat turns Instagram celebrity!

Cats are beautiful creatures. It is really easy for them to catch your eye. Be it a well-groomed floofy boy, or even an alone, stray cat. They all were designed to always look gorgeous and beautiful.

And sometimes cats can go international in terms of fame as well. Internet is a big nest today. Anything can go viral overnight. The majority of it is a fluke. But if you manage to capitalize on the opportunity, your life can change forever.

And it actually happened for this little cat. Life changed for him on one random day when he had no intentions for it, whatsoever. Benson is a very special cute. First of all, he is absolutely majestical, and he is fluffy. Let’s just get that out of the way.

Benson was unfortunately abandoned by his former owners. I honestly fail to understand why that happens. Just wait till you look at his pictures. And then try to formulate valid reasoning for why would somebody abandon a cat like this? There is no reason. Or maybe there is one. Maybe his previous owner was not lucky enough to his cat go absolutely viral on the internet.

Benson was rescued by a family. They found him walking all by himself on the streets. And so, they just instantly clicked and the family’s instincts told them to adopt Benson.

They never knew what was to come next. The family decided to take adorable pictures of Benson in different outfits and posted them on Instagram. And it didn’t take long for the world to react. Benson blew up on the internet and is now a super famous Instagram celebrity.

Let’s look at these 40 cute photos of Benson in every outfit you can imagine.

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1. Benson likes to save lives on Sundays and Wednesdays.

2. He regularly attends his online classes. Intelligent kitty.

3. Looking awfully adorable in the maroon sweater young boy

4. He’s also a private homicide detective. But only on Tuesdays

5. Benson is ready for the best dance of his life. Hungarian No.5, please!

6. Cool boy Benson has a perfect record of 9-0 so far. (7 KOs)

7. That’s not Benson. That’s Batman, right? We are fully convinced that it’s Batman and not Catman Benson.

8. It’s beach day. Honestly, I am really curious to see his wardrobe now.

9. Pandit Benson is also a fortune teller. Special Thursday discount: 5 cents per visit only. Now that sounds like a great deal!

10. I want that hat. And that shirt. And those glasses. And that cat.

11. He always starts his day with a nice cold shower. And poses right after.

12. Dungarees, red beanie, paintings all around you? What a show-off! Lol!

13. Japanese boi Benson is ready for some sushi and ramen.

14. Samurai Benson, teach us!

15. Omg, what an adorable hippy!

16. “It wasn’t easy you know. I would like to thank myself, my stylist, the cameraman, and hoomans for the love, support, and outfits. Love you guys!”

17. Denim’s on. He’s ready to pull some kitties tonight.

18. Insta fame and knowledge gain, they gotta go side by side.

19. Trick or Treat?

20. He looks more like Batwoman than man in this one. Wassup Benny?

We are so intrigued to go visit this cat. And see his wardrobe. Surely, he must have adopted a small dose of sass in his personality after the fame. And no, no, don’t get us wrong, we’ve nothing against him. The big boy worked hard for them gains.

As of Today, Benson has over 171,000 followers on Instagram. Wow! I’ve got 195. Okay let’s just move on swiftly to more fun pictures of Benson.

21. All I want for Christmas is you.

22. He’s daddy’s boy. That bandana tho! Looks so lit on him.

23. Is he about to take off? Given how famous Benson is, he prolly has a couple of private jets parked outside.

24. Benson is very serious about his NFL if you couldn’t tell already.

25. Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome the King of Catstagram in your loud applause.

26. Soooo…..what piece of cloth is it that he doesn’t have? Oh I know, he’s got every single one of em’

27. A white west and a nice blue hat for a purfect sunny day.

28. “This is Benson from the control tower. You are granted permission to land on our runway. I repeat you can land.” Oooo, Benson’s got reach!

29. “Yeah man, the fame didn’t come overnight. It took a serious effort. And it was never about the money or these Louis shirts, I loved being taken pictures off and decided to make a career out of it.”, said Benson in an entirely made-up interview.

30. Old man Benson’s got the muffler on. Ready for a walk?

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