Abandoned Kitten With No Food With A Pleading Look!

A small homeless kitten, completely stained with machine oil and covered with fleas, could hardly move along the street. People noticed in time that something was wrong with the baby.

Passers-by picked up a small kitten on the streets of California, which was completely stained with machine oil and covered with fleas. The baby was in a terrible state, and he was noticed just in time.



People brought the cat to the Friends for Life shelter, where he was happily taken care of. Volunteers thought the baby was about four weeks old, but it turned out he was seven weeks old. For his age, he was very small and weighed only 500 grams. In the shelter, the baby was fed and bathed.

Most of all, the employees were surprised by the result after bathing – as if another kitten had appeared in front of them. The baby had a white, beautiful coat: Unfortunately, the crumbs, who received the nickname Matt, found many health problems.

He was very weak and could barely walk on his skinny legs. In this regard, the staff monitored him around the clock, made droppers, and gave him medicines.



Fortunately, the results of the efforts of the staff were not long in coming – Matt soon revived. He became much more active and even began to eat on his own, which had been a problem before.

The kitten began to actively gain weight, play more, and communicate with guardians. However, a little later, staff and veterinarians discovered another problem – the baby was completely deaf.



But despite this, he grew up active, playful, and happy, as if he had no features. Matt is a wonderful boy. Now he explores every corner of the house and loves to rush back and forth and play with other kittens.

He lives a full life and is very grateful to his guardians for saving him. Soon they will start looking for permanent owners for this baby. We wish Matt to find the best family – after all, this sweetest boy deserves the greatest happiness!

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