Abandoned Six-Day-Old Moose Finds Best Friend In German Shepherd

The story of the beautiful friendship between a baby moose and a German shepherd is melting hearts all over the world. Shannon Lugdon is a great animal lover. As the owner of Lugdon Lodge, a sleepaway camp in the Maine forest, Shannon sees an abundance of different types of animals every day. Among those animals are moose.

Despite all of her knowledge of animals and the woods, Shannon was not prepared for what she faced on a bright June morning last year.

When Shannon woke up that fateful day, she heard the pleas of a young moose in the woods. Searching her property, she found a baby moose sitting alone in the woods. Uncertain of what to do with the young animal, Shannon contacted two wardens in the area.

The wardens advised her not to panic and to simply leave the young moose alone for 24 hours. The wardens explained that in most cases, mothers do not leave their babies alone for long periods of time. Rather, most mothers simply leave their young to search for food or to rest. Cases of abandoned baby moose are very rare.

Shannon watched with bated breath as the baby moose explored the woods around her camp. The beautiful animal carefully made its way near a brook by the property before smartly avoiding a road. The next day, the mother still had not returned to her baby.

When Shannon went to check on the animal, her trusty German shepherd Leo also came along. When Leo saw the baby, he was thrilled to have a new playmate, kissing and rubbing against the young moose. Determined to care of the baby, Shannon named her Miss Maggie.

Thinking that Miss Maggie might be hungry, Shannon whipped up a special milkshake for her composed of water, grass, and clover. Consulting with her vet, Shannon then fed Miss Maggie a bottle of Lactaid, a treat that delighted the little animal.

Miss Maggie quickly became the star of Lugdon Lodge, with campers lining up to get a glimpse at the sweet animal. Despite her newfound fame, Miss Maggie was more than happy to just hang out with Leo.

Later that afternoon, the wardens came to take Miss Maggie to Maine Wildlife Park. A biologist working there, Amanda DeMusz, is experienced at raising abandoned animals and will give Miss Maggie the best chance at living a good life.

When Miss Maggie becomes an adult, experts at the park will determine if she can be released back into the natural world. Despite the sadness of having to say goodbye to Miss Maggie, Shannon hopes to visit her in the future with Leo.


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