Adorable Baby Elephant Dances On The Road For Crowd Of People

This is the moment an adorable baby elephant had a little dance for a crowd of people right in the middle of a road.

The young elephant was swinging its trunk and tail excitedly in the footage which was taken at the Kruger National Park in South Africa.

He stamps his feet, kicks his legs out and flaps around his ears as he shakes his body while nodding his head to show off for the people watching.

Onlookers were quietly laughing, to not interrupt his display.

He holds his pause, and then wanders off to his mother while maintaining a little bounce and theatrical elegance.

He’s is still continuing to bop around as if he cannot keep still, moving backwards and forwards until he hit the grass on the side of the road.

Eventually, him and his mother are joined by another pair of elephants and the video concludes.

The person who took the video said: “While leading a wildlife safari in the world famous Kruger National Park, we had this incredible and comical sighting of this baby elephant dancing and playing on the road in front of us.”

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