Adorable intelligent! German Shepherd Puppy Meets Mom Cat with Newborn Kittens for the First Time (VIDEO)

A chill mommy. she knows the puppy will not hurt her kitties but in case those sharp claws are ready!🙄😊. .. an adorable intelligent pup he is. He’s so clumsy but gentle. I loved the snoot boop and kiss to the mama cat. He promises to be careful. He also seems amazed that those little cat babies are even smaller than him.

This so adorable she knows the puppy won’t hurt her or her kittens he’s just so inquisitive but she trusts him you can clearly see that, he’s so affectionate towards her and her babies so heartwarming to watch. That pup has just met about the most dangerous thing ever – a mother with youngsters who rely on her protection. Clearly the people in this household create a true sense of safety for the pets, a proper home.

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