All to the battle! A new confrontation unfolding among the owners of animals on the Internet

An artist named Emma Ward lives in the city of Michigan, and she has a pet – a gecko named Olive. These lizards like to freeze motionless and if they put something suitable in their paws, they will keep it that way. The team , like hundreds of thousands of Internet users, did not know about this feature of geckos. But it looks very funny and the answer will not be long in coming – it turns out that not only they can do this.

Olive is ready for battle!

No, seriously – he has an impressive arsenal.

The original publication collected almost half a million shares, and the owners of other lizards rushed to check – is this so? Someone was lucky, others found out that their pets were pacifists and lazy to the core. But suddenly someone appeared who managed to challenge Olive!

This flying squirrel is armed far better than a lizard, and black bottomless eyes know no fear!

There were also those who timidly hinted at diplomatic methods of resolving issues and ceasefire

But then this little chameleon appeared, who made it unequivocally clear that whoever of the titans emerged victorious in this battle, the partisan movement would continue.

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