Amazing transformations of dogs that finally fell into the hands of groomers

The quarantine is lifted, the restrictions are canceled – hurray! Let’s urgently please and pamper ourselves! Stop, what about the dogs? After all, they, too, all this time were almost locked up, far from the usual range of activities and services. And, of course, they are pretty thick – professional groomers have a lot of work to do. How it looks and why it is absolutely necessary to give your pet such a service, see below.

From all sorts of “devils” we make decent dogs!

Overgrown does not mean doomed! Everything is fixable!

From a “hangover tramp” to a toy

If this is not a radical transformation, then what?

How lovely!

Shaggy is good, but grooming is better!

Which option do you like best?

Cope with regrown hair is not easy

Cope with regrown hair is not easy

How to make a handsome movie out of a bully

Trimming without shortening the length of the coat is a real art!

Plump adorable

Of course, one can criticize – they all turn out the same. Sorry, that’s the fashion!

The main thing is that the doggie has become neat and beautiful

And, by the way, it is not necessary to reduce the volume. The main thing is to give it a new shape!

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