An Exhausted Kitten Came To People For Help!

A very small kitten, which was full of parasites and fleas, decided to ask people for help, and not wait for a miracle. The veterinarians decided to help the baby, no matter what it cost them.

The kitten was first noticed by a veterinarian assistant who works at one of the animal shelters. The staff said that the baby came to them in a very emaciated state, all the bones could be counted because they were translucent.




The kitten turned out to be a girl and they named her Luke. The baby was given for overexposure. After a couple of weeks of treatment and good nutrition, she gradually began to gain weight. Along with this, the kitten cheered up and was happy to make contact with people and other pets.

So that the baby would not be bored, they decided to introduce her to another kitten, who also passed all the tests of the street. Together, the kittens began to recover faster. When Luke became completely healthy and weighed normally, she was returned to the shelter.


Soon one man liked her, and eventually took her to his home. The new owner said that the cat loves affection very much and is always next to him. She only sleeps on it, refusing to sleep elsewhere. After a few months, the cat began to look quite well-fed, as if she had gained a couple of extra kilos.

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