Being Criticized By His Crush For A Country House With A Dirty And Smelly Body, The Young Cat Boy Was Determined To Start Over: “Do You Regret It Now?

Matter determines consciousness, appearance is also extremely important not only for humans but also for animals when choosing a mate.

The cat’s head was furrowed, but his face was dirty and his lover refused to continue, causing netizens to laugh and cry.



The story is about a poor-looking black and white cat who falls in love with a beautiful lady cat, but the ending is unfortunate.

At one time, because he was busy going to see his beloved, he did not have time to shower and look like a young man on the street, only to be “disinterested” by his lover, who did not open the door to let many people in helpless and hurt



According to the owner of this article, every day is like squeezing a lemon, this black and white cat always comes to the door of the beautiful cat’s house knocking on the door, and then the two come in and embrace each other, but this time it is not. I don’t understand how this young man rushed to see me but forgot to wash his face, only to be forced to stand outside and not want to see him anymore.



He begged a lot but his girlfriend was annoyed and didn’t want to meet this dirty face. Immediately after that, the owner understood and informed the lotus of this “boss” to take it home to clean and wash, perhaps because he was busy playing and hiding somewhere, but the cat’s body was dirty like this.



The black-and-white fur and round face look handsome too.

It is known that this cat was formerly a feral cat, adopted by a kind owner, so he wore a necklace and raised it, but perhaps because of his wild nature, this young man often goes around. makes the white coat easy to get dirty, so now you have to take a hard time to wash it clean, then you will love it!



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