Being Criticized By The Owner All Day For Being Fat, The Pitiful Cat Sat Alone In The Corner And Cried: “Why Do You Say Fat Is Cute”

Cats are animals with a very high emotional index, they understand the human mind. Although they don’t show as much outside as other animals, cats are as affectionate as dogs that people often keep in the house.

If one day you yell at them or do something wrong, you will get scornful glances in return or sullenly adorable. Today, many military officers like to keep cats, because cats have extremely cute appearance and behavior



Cats help many people relieve pressure in work and life, they are like a very familiar person in the house or people often consider the hood as the main member of the house. Excessive love leads to problems like overfeeding or letting cats eat they eat as much as they like, resulting in the pet cat being extremely fat. the soldier with a cat in the house tells a funny story about how to take care of my pet cat makes many people laugh when they hear it but you know what.



The story begins when this officer buys a cute looking kitten, the boy force it to eat arbitrarily, of course an employee must serve the pet cat, wishing the pet cat to grow up healthy is what everyone wants, so he spent the best for your pet cat.

I don’t understand because the work is too busy or because the way to take care of the kittens is not correct. Now that he has become too fat, the young man is very worried, then one day he happened to see a fat cat in the house and accidentally said a heartbreaking sentence: “Eat more, you are so fat, my son. . ”



The sentence thought it was a joke, but it touched the little cat’s heart, it was sad after hearing it. After being upset all day, after listening to it, he quietly went to the corner and thought of sitting down. But look at this moment, it’s angry and upset but still showing its belly chubby, his eyes full of rage looking directly at the owner as if to say: “But you said you love me, now you hate me”



Finally, the more the pet cat thinks about the owner’s statement, the more angry, it becomes, sitting alone in a corner. Who wouldn’t feel sad when witnessing this scene, the young man’s words were like a knife into the cat’s small heart. The pet cat promised himself that he would never forgive his owner again.


But fortunately, after a while the officer brought out a box of greasy pate by accident saved that little heart that was crying, and the two sides were no longer angry with each other. They love back from the beginning

Surely many pet cat owners also have the mentality of wanting it to get fat, no matter what I like fat cats cuddling and caressing when winter is coming. But master it should also be noted that a fat cat will cause its health to decline, so choose a diet, eat right and give your cat regular exercise!

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