Bell The Japanese Cat Has An Adorable Fluffy Squirrel-Like Tail And We Are Loving It

Bell is a Minuet, or Napoleon cat who lives in Japan. Although she is lovely and adorable like any other cat you might see, her most striking feature is her fluffy, squirrel-like tail.

Now, this quirk is understandable when you realize that Napoleon cats are cross breeds between Persian cats and Munchkins. If you’ve ever seen a Persian cat, their tails are fluffier than other breeds along with the rest of their bodies. However, in Bell’s case, she’s got double the fur. Personally, I think it’s absolutely adorable how much she looks like a squirrel, and most of the internet seemed to agree.

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She sure is.

Her eyes are pretty too!

Bell has got to be the cat with the fluffiest tail alive.

Here she is, chilling on the windowsill.

That tail…

Bell’s owners Instagram is filled with gems like these.

I just want to give her a hug.

Her tail takes up half of her body; that’s pretty impressive.

Seriously, Bell could be a model.


Okay, Bell looks a little angry in this one. Fiesty!

She’s so cute 😭

Here are some responses to this lovable squirrel-cat:

I 100% agree.


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