Big poodle, plus a little girl – that’s the recipe for real friendship.

The future Japanese citizen Mama has a beloved grandmother who completely allows her to play with her beloved friend Riku, although many would not approve of this. After all, Mom is only one year old, and Riku … is a giant poodle weighing over 30 kg. But the grandmother knows that nothing bad will happen, but there is more than enough funny in their games. And therefore, I am glad to replenish the Instagram page with new photos of the granddaughter and her dog.

Riku is not the only dog ​​in the family, there are also Gaku and Koo, who are also far from small-sized creatures. And fluffy, very fluffy, like many poodles, but Mom’s heart is given only to Rik. They play, sleep, eat together and engage in those cute pranks that so delight the hearts of everyone who watches the little ones.

Sometimes it seems that there is something irrational in the friendship between Mom and Riku. They are too different, a one-year-old human cub and a large adult dog. On the other hand, opposites attract, don’t they? More than 80,000 subscribers to the page run by the girl’s grandmother share a similar opinion.

By the way, many are wondering – where did Mama get such a giant as Riku? Poodles do not seem to be the largest dogs, even in comparison with a one year old child. Answer: in giant or royal poodles, those individuals of this breed are enrolled, which, due to genetic characteristics, have grown especially large. That is, this is not a separate breed, but an unusual dog – Riku has unusually long, powerful legs and curly hair.

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