Blind dog is saved from a lab just in time to be a mom

A blind dog that was pregnant and 17 more dogs were rescued from a laboratory in China by an animal rights organization

They now live together in Anaheim, California. Her family says that Mini and Maria have changed a lot since they adopted them in 2018. From two little beagles, isolated by blindness with no idea how to walk around their environment, now they are both full of confidence, and their individual personalities continue to emerge.

Mini and Maria have their favorite nap spots all over the house, they get excited and ‘dance’ for food, plus they go on long walks to their favorite park and even play on the beach.

Both dogs are taken to the bedroom every night, to sleep wherever they want in bed, they take over blankets and pillows. They are never far from each other and when nervous or upset they always snuggle together.

Luckily, Mini, Maria and their cubs are safe, but the organization assures that in many places they still continue to exploit animals in experiments.

And it is not only in China or the United States, but many other countries have these inhumane practices.

Shannon said:

“People can do their part by buying without cruelty. The fewer people who use animal-tested products, the closer we can get to a world where animal testing will stop. “

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