Breathtaking Sight of Flamingos Together On A Kenyan Lake

The pictures below are of Lake Nakuru located in Nairobi, Kenya. This lake is part of a National Park and houses a wide range of animals such as Giraffes, Rhinos, Lions, and Leopards.

This is a common factor with all the National Parks around the globe. However, what distinguishes it from everywhere else in the world, is its infamous attraction for Flamingos.

The way the Flamingos gather here is a sight to behold. The pictures below show a glimpse of this miraculous sight but may not do complete justice to it.

Flamingos gathered around the coastline.

As can be seen, there are over a million Flamingos that have gathered here along the coastline.

Since the picture is an aerial shot of a large area, it can be judged what a great number of Flamingos must be there to bring about this shade of pink against the blue waters of the lake.

Flocks of Flamingos

Flamingos are found here in the largest number than in any other part of the world.

Amazing shot of a flock of Flamingos against the gray skies

Considering their beautiful and bright color, they are often called “Fire”.

Flock of Flamingos

Most of you must be thinking about why such a great number of Flamingos are attracted to this lake.

Flamingos swimming in the lake

Well, the main attraction for Flamingos to this lake is its high level of algae which is a staple diet of these birds.

Flocks and flocks of Flamingos gathered in the lake

Apart from the high level of algae, this lake has very slaty water. This is the reason why no other animal is found in this lake. Thus making it a major food reserve for Flamingos.

Beautiful formation of Flamingos

It is due to these algae being their special diet that gives this beautiful and bright pink color to the Flamingos. The presence of beta carotene makes its color extremely bright.

Beautiful shades of pink

Flocks of Flamigos behind a White Rhino

They have recently added White Rhino to the National Park as a measure to save them from becoming extinct.

Flamingos flying over the lake

The sight at this lake is a major attraction for tourists.

Candid closeup of Flamingos

While we are on the subject of Flamingos, let’s share some amazing facts about them as well.


Fact # 1: The term Flamboyance is used for a flock of Flamingos.

Flamingos swimming in the lake

Fact # 2:

When living in the wild, flamingos tend to live for 20-30 years. however, when they are in captivity, they tend to live for as long as 50 years and may be longer.

Flamingos have a wild lifespan of 20-30 years, but in captivity have been recorded as living up to 50 years or longer.

Aerial shot of Flamngos in the lake

Fact # 3:

The length of the legs of flamingos is often longer than their whole body, measuring up to 30-50 inches.

Flamigos flocked together

Fact # 4:

Flamingos feed on algae, plankton, crustaceans and shrimps, which gives this unique pink colour to their feathers.

Flamingos in flight

Fact # 5:

The knee of the flamingos is not visible as it is located close to the main body. So, the backward bend that is visible is basically its ankle which is often mistaken for its knee.

Captivating sight of Flamingos

This sight of the gathering of flamingos must be even beautiful and mesmerizing that can be seen in the pictures.


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