Buddy, the dog who suffered severe injuries after being set on fire, is now on the road to recovery

It’s truly shocking how cruel some people can be to dogs. These innocent animals too often endure senseless pain and suffering.

That was the case for one dog, who was the victim of a horrible attack in which his face was severely burned. But thankfully, he is now on a long but positive road to recovery, thanks to some kind vets.

Last month, the Tunica Humane Society reported that a dog named Buddy, described as a “happy and carefree dog” who was “never a threat to anyone,” was set on fire. He was found with his face completely scorched and charred black, with an extension cord wrapped around his neck.

According to WTVA, a child later confessed to setting Buddy on fire, but because he is younger than 12 he can’t be prosecuted.

Buddy was put in the care of Tunica Humane Society, in Mississippi, and received medical treatments from the Mississippi State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine. In their care, Buddy began a slow but hopeful road to recovery.

“Buddy’s vital signs are good but, as with any burn patient, this is very much the bottom of a tall mountain to be climbed,” said Dr. Elizabeth Swanson, associate professor and veterinary surgeon, told WTVA.

“We are keeping him comfortable, changing his bandages, and managing any problems as they arise.”

Thankfully, despite the shocking injury, Buddy doesn’t appear to have lost his eyesight. Tunica Humane Society says that doctors believed his eyes are still intact. Damage to his eye lids will be fixed surgically, and he will likely have some vision when he is healed.

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