Cаt Whо Survivеd Нorrific Aсid Attаck Finds Cоmfort In Teddу Beаr

This poor and innocent stray cat, was doused in acid and lost one eye, as a result. He seeked help from some people who fed him.

This is Thomas the miracle cat.

“Sir Thomas Trueheart was living the life of an outside, unwanted cat in the high desert of California,” said Casey Christopher

Some nice people began to feed him on a regular basis, as wandered around.

“Tommy is a friendly boy and that friendliness almost cost him his life.”

No one really knows how Tommy got acid on him.  But, it burnt half of his face, and lost one of his eyes.

“He wandered for days in agony and found his way back to the people’s house who were feeding him. They immediately took him to a vet who had NO idea what they were doing,” Casey said.

The vet gave Tommy antibiotics, and then tested him to be FIV+. The vet thought the best thing to do, was to euthanize him.

Thankfully, Tommy’s rescuers refused to let that happen. Instead, they reached out to a non-profit rescue that specializes in providing care for special needs cats.

Tommy was rushed to their clinic, and he stayed there for over a month on antibiotics, pain medications, and sugar bandages to help his wound heal and granulate.

“Then he went to a surgical specialist who did an amazing job with a skin graft. Through it all, Tommy was so brave and purred and kissed the people taking care of him.”

To say this kitty is resilient, is an understatement.

Tommy since, has bounced back and hasn’t stopped purring and kissing his  rescuers and caregivers.

“Tommy got to go to his Lifetime Care Foster home where he continues to heal and get lots of love and attention,” Casey said.

“Every day he is making progress!”

No matter how many downs Tommy has gone through in his life, he continues to love and trust. He obviously has a very forgiving heart, and hopefully he’ll have a place to to call his home forever soon.

Video of Sir Thomas Trueheart:

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