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Cat Becomes Official Mouse Keeper At Hotel, Working With Her Own Staff Card Provided

It seems that in recent years many different stores, hotels, private B&B (Guest Bed and Breakfast) have adopted/ hired kitties for the best reason ever. Early this year, hotel Fosshótel Hellnar in Iceland welcomed their new special staff, Pál, a tabby cat who was talented at mouse catching. When she first met the hotel manager, Pál impressed him with her excellent mousing abilities. The hotel decided to hire the kitten as their housekeeper.

For several months, the hotel had been dealing with the number of mice that appeared more frequently than usual. The presence of Pál, of course, played an important role in gaining customer satisfaction and positive evaluation.  According to her owner, when Pál was on her duty, the kitten got her own name card, like other staff! Pál was loved by her colleagues, because she always was tough and hardworking at work. She loved her job and dedicated all the time as a housekeeper at the hotel.

As Pál was working during nighttime, the manager was concerned that their clients might feel uncomfortable, but actually, it didn’t bother them at all. Most of the guests saw the new fluffy as the hotel’s mascot, and they were excited to meet her. Pál was beautiful, smart, and adorable. She was certainly a good employee who finished her job with the best result and helped provide the customers with a perfect experience staying at the hotel.

This furry friend has her own Instagram with beautiful moments of her interesting life as hotel staff. Sadly, after a sudden sickness, the beautiful angel just fell asleep forever in her Daddy’s and Mommy’s embracing arms. R.I.P Pál, you have done a good job, and we will never forget you!