Cat Dad Built A Heated Cat House And Used A Night Vision Camera To Capture Adorable Images Of Stray Cats

Cat lovers everywhere are always looking for ways to service the cats in their communities, especially because adopting cats has its limitations.

A few years ago, Maria Cassano noticed a stray mother cat with a kitten in her father’s backyard. Maria was immediately concerned about the cat and whether she would find enough food to produce milk for her baby.

When Maria told her father about the cat, he was hesitant about feeding the neighborhood’s stray cats. But he made an exception, and the pair began taking care of the feline they affectionately called Mama.

Mama’s kitten was adopted soon after by one of the Cassano family’s neighbors, and the family continued to feed and look out for the stray cats in the area. When winter was approaching, the family were worried about what the cold weather and harsh conditions might mean for the cats.

So, Maria’s dad, Steve, came up with the idea to build a heated cat house. While Steve isn’t a big fan of having pets in the house, he still wanted to help out the cats in need.

He ordered all the necessary materials and began building the cat house on a base in their backyard. Steve took it even further by installing a night vision camera in the cat house so that he could make sure the cats were making it there safely each night.

By now, Mama, the cat, had given birth to another kitten.

Maria took the mother and baby to the local vet to be vaccinated. The vet told Maria that Mama was healthy enough to survive winter; however, the kitten would be too young to brave the cold.

So, Maria took care of the kitten and later found him a loving forever home. Mama continued to hang out in the cat house and was now joined by other feral cats.

The stray cats are very independent and don’t go inside the family home or allow the Cassano’s to touch them. They are just grateful to have somewhere warm and safe to sleep at night.

The Cassano’s have unwittingly captured some adorable images of the cats sleeping soundly, and people around the world are loving them!

Since building the cat house, the Cassano family now has a “cat igloo” and some other additions to continue keeping the neighborhood cats happy and warm.

On behalf of Mama and all the stray cats, thank you, Cassano family!

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