Cat Faces Get Photoshopped Into Everything And It’s As Funny And Delightful As You’d Expect

Imagine a world where a lot more creatures had the adorable, endearing faces that our beloved cats have. For cat lovers, that probably sounds nice… I certainly think so.

Up until recently my imagination was limited when it came to seeing cat faces on everything. Thankfully, someone brought this fantasy to life.

In a way, at least, through the magic of art! Who doesn’t love cat art?

29-year-old Galina Bugaevskaya lives in Moscow where she runs an Instagram account called Koty Vezde (Cats are Everywhere) and there she puts cat faces on, well, everything! She’s been knocking it out of the park for awhile now and has amassed almost 60k followers on Instagram.

In an interview, Galina said she loves cats: “Especially chubby and angry cats. They are divine creatures: cute, soft, murmuring. We always had cats in our family. At the moment, I have Filya and Puchok, and a white Persian cat, Umka, named after the bear cub from the Soviet cartoon.”

1. It’s snowing cats! Finally.

2. I think this is what my confusing nightmares are like. Adorable? Terrifying? Not sure.

3. Cat Badger Don’t Care

4. A foxy delight.

5. Himb Lorge

6. Pleased to see this, I am.

7. Is this cute or horrifying? Only you can decide.

8. “Stay away from MY baby.”

9. Nobunny told me these animals would be so cute.

10. Feelin’ squirly? Me, too.

11. Alpacat.

12. Oink-Oink. You can’t freak meowt.

13. Meowth, but not the Pokemon.

14. Not the cat fish we were expecting, but definitely the catfish we deserve.

15. The purr-fect photo doesn’t exis….

16. Ssssstop, this is sssssserious busssssiness.

17. Curiouser and Curiouser.

18. I’m not kidding, goat’s got my tongue right meow.

19. This is not what we expected today

20. I’m not even mad, but this cat might be.

21. Bee-utiful.

22. Croco-meowdle.

23. Definitely an improvement.

24. I’m hopping with delight.

25. Meowtter.

26. A terrifying thought.

27. So Fluffy.

28. Cat faces confirmed to improve chickens.

29. It’s cold, that’s why his face is perplexed.

30. I don’t know why we didn’t just expect this one.

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