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15+ of our smaller brothers who also had a chance to fly on an airliner

Nowadays, it is customary to make a long journey by plane, and the same is true for animals – they are transported on a regular basis with passengers. True, not in the cabin, but in a special, ventilated and heated luggage compartment. But there are situations when everything happens exactly the opposite and the animals take a...More Please

15 birds with a discouraging appearance – nature has tried

As you know, birds descended from dinosaurs, adopted a number of predatory habits from those, acquired feathers and became almost rulers of the living world. And the ruler can do anything, including fancy clothes. So they went to great lengths, who in what garazd, so much so that we are still surprised. #1 #2 #3 #4 #5...More Please

20+ examples of how to never underestimate the dark side of pets

The beast remains a beast, even if it was born and raised in civilization. Just as long as it is directly controlled by a person, reflexes and instincts are dormant. But as soon as we hesitate, yesterday’s “furry hare” turns into a rare scoundrel, whose mission is to create chaos in the territory entrusted to him. Then he...More Please

16+ cats who can easily turn any thing into their sleeping place

In nature, there are two most important rules: do not waste energy in vain and do not fall into the eyes of predators. Therefore, cats, following the precepts of the goddess Bast, have long mastered a unique method of rest. We need to find a niche that can fit perfectly and spend as long as possible...More Please