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Tattooed bikers confront abusive pet owners to rescue animals

While the United States has passed various laws to keep animal abuse from taking place, these laws are not always followed as well as they should be. We hate to see animals being mistreated and it makes our day when others share our point of view. That is what makes this story such an amazing...More Please

13+ Cute Little Places That Look Too Good To Be Real

Once again planet earth is prooving itself with the beauties it holds. Even in some petite, cute cities, it captures the most breathtaking sceneries, and here we’re presenting to you 18 of those. Now all you have left to do is choose which one to visit first. 1. Xitang, China 2. Shaanxi, China 3. Portofino,...More Please

Enormous Sculptures Rooted in Nature Are Like Mystical Goddesses of Music Festivals

South African multidisciplinary artist Daniel Popper is known for his colossal figurative sculptures and spectacular public art installations at art and music events around the world. Daniel is well-known for his massive public art installations at top festivals like the Electric Forest festival in the USA,  Boom Festival in Portugal, Rainbow Serpent festival in Australia, as well...More Please

10 Most Beautiful Villages in Italy

By all means, Italy is one of the most incredible countries in Europe, if not in the whole world. So, that’s no surprise why this country in southern Europe is often among the top travel destinations. Truly indeed, it is a country of immense natural beauty. Amazing landmarks, architectural masterpieces, rolling hills, majestic jagged peaks, crystal...More Please

The Most Hilarious Cat Tweets Of The Week

You say hilarious, we hear cats. Cats are almost everywhere. You are on Instagram, your feed is flooded with cat pictures. You are on Snapchat, there are adorable cat snaps. You are on Twitter, boom, there are hilarious cat tweets everywhere. But if you haven’t seen funny cat tweets in a while, just scroll down...More Please

What I need to know about checking accounts

Checking account, savings account, fixed-term deposit: How private money management works A checking account is the basic tool for managing your money, but if you rely on it alone, you’ll end up giving money away. Here’s what you need to know about private money management. For quick readers:   The checking account is the basic...More Please

What is a home owner insurance?

Kitchen fire, burst water pipes or storm and snow pressure damage to the roof – the list of possible disasters in the home is long. To protect yourself against this financial risk, homeowners insurance including household insurance helps. What is insured? Home owner insurance While household insurance covers damage to household contents, homeowners insurance covers...More Please