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10 Times When Celebs Showed More Than the Eye Needs to See

Being a celebrity doesn’t mean you can’t not not experience wardrobe malfunctions.

We brought to you some of the sweetest one. In the eyes of the whole world upon them, they tried to cover the exposed parts with their hands, but it didn’t work.

It’s not easy being sexy without showing some skin, is it? The celebrities we have chosen for today are amongst the hottest at the moment and are icons in the fashion industry.

Luckily, the internet exists so we can rewatch these epic photos anytime we want but the celebs won’t be as happy… Scroll down to see some of the most intense red carpet moments.

The supermodel of the Kardashian/Jenner clan has always something to show when it comes to the red carpet looks. She made quite an appearance at the Oscars 2019, by wearing a daring black dress exposed to both sides of the thigh.

Bella Hadid’s cat walk is one of the best in the fashion industry. But she had a hard time keeping up with it due to Alexandre Vauthier’s super exposed dress. She tried covering her private parts while continued walking in tension.

Like a super excited person when buys something new, even Meghan Markle forgot to remove the price tag from her dress. The Duchess declined the royal family code to appear as flawless as possible in public.

The designer she paid for needs to giver her money back! A teared sleeve is not appropriate for such an actress as Chloe Grace Moretz. Grace is her middle name and she surely will keep it that way after this incident.

Talking about the epic moment of Ariel Winter at the Emmys in 2017. The actress dared more that she could handle in her teared to sides dress. Feeling uncomfortable walking, she tried to cover her private parts with hands.

Jade Thirlwall gorgeous curves took a lot of attention during the BRIT Awards in 2017. Her pink satin dress showed more than just the uncovered thigh.

Lindsay Vonn turned heads in her blue dress in an event in 2016. The wind betrayed her and showed a little more skin than she predicted.

Careful when you wear puffy dresses or skirts because the wind will do its job. Elisabeth Olsen was cautious to put it down when she felt danger.

The “High School Musical” star Vanessa Hudgens stole all the attention when her colleague Austin Butler stepped on her pants. Luckily, she was wearing panties unlike some of the celebs.

Nipple alert! Kourt Kardash’s dress slipped on the top part when she was heading to meet her sisters. He had backups because she had covered her nipples in black sticky dots.

Hilarious And Desperate Texts From Mad Exes

A breakup can be sometimes a normal thing to do between two people and they can end the relationship on good terms. But sometimes things don’t go as you may have planned because of your exes, who may give you a hard time moving on with your life. Even if you don’t talk to them anymore and start to erase them from your mind, they will find a way to ruin your day.

These peoples find it very hard to move on with their lives and will try anything to come back at yours.

1. Give him your dog’s phone number to save yourself.

2. No one can say no to a free ride!

3. Technology does not let them separate so easily.

4. Bro she forgot you a long time ago.

5. Who the hell eats pizza in the middle of sex?

6. What did you expect? Wait For you All His Life?

7. Maybe he Is sorry.

8. There was a violation!

9. She played reverse card.

10, That’s a big NOPE.

11. So no hoodie was given back that day.

12. They know each other so well.

13. Rumors Say to start moving with your life.

14. At least he accepts it.

15. She used divine powers!

16. You played this bad as Fu*k

17. She destroyed him with only one reply.

18. Everything that he watches remembers you!

19. That was a great fridge poem!

20. At least he has a great sense of humor.

21. She got exposed.

22. That’s a serious curse man!

23. Someone got trolled really hard.

24. Everything for a better cause.

25. What are you looking for man?

Plus-Size Yogi, 22, Talks About How Yoga Let Her Learn Self-Love

Dana Falsetti hit her heaviest weight of 300lbs during her college days in New Orleans. She believed her unhappiness was due to her size and decided to lose over 70lbs. But despite losing weight, the 22-Year-Old still felt miserable. Dana then turned to do Yoga.

When in college, Dana Falsetti felt miserable as she hit her heaviest weight ever, 300 lbs.


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The physical practice hasn’t only changed the way she viewed her body and her self-worth, it equally helped her overcome years of binge-eating and fad diets while also loving her body and all of its strength. When she started doing Yoga, she had doubted she would be able to do more advanced poses, such as headstand due to her size.

Frustrated with losing weight, the 22-Year-Old decided to try out a yoga class.

And with her “all or nothing” personality, Dana soon changed how she viewed her body and self-worth.

However, her dedication to yoga eventually changed her mindset. “After all those pounds went away, I was still me. I was still sad, feeling unworthy, even more confused, and just lost. I went to yoga because it was something new to try during a time when I felt like giving up.” Dana told Daily Mail Online.

With each yoga practice, Dana’s concerns about her body slowly disappeared.

At the moment, Dana is now a yoga instructor, teaching classes that focus on body-positive fundamentals.

She added that a big part of her craved the time for silence, meditation, and reflection but had no idea the physical practice would lead her down the path of inner strength she always needed. Dana claimed the physical exercise also led to the larger perspective shift that changed her life. Speaking about the pose, headstand, the yoga teacher stated it had been a far-off, distant dream worthy of somebody else.

On Instagram, she inspires her 83,000 followers with her awe-inducing poses and messages.

The plus-size yoga teacher also credits the practice for helping overcome binge-eating and fad diets.

“I was sure I was too heavy to hold myself upside down. I was trapped in a bad cycle of negative self-talk, but I kept practicing because I just couldn’t stop, and then things started to change. I was slowly getting glimpses of possibility – I call them the sparks of the practice. When you start to feel a little float, or you feel at ease in a pose that once felt impossible. You start approaching your limits, and to me, that’s the whole point.”

Born in New Hope, Pennsylvania, Dana can now easily twist and contort her body.

Whenever she felt any type of emotion, the yogi used to turn to food but now channels the energy into yoga.

Dana noted that if you practice, you will prove yourself wrong time and time again, and you will have no choice but to realize the limit doesn’t exist. While she had been an all-or-nothing person her entire life, with the belief that it’s a trait that may have contributed to her binge eating, it is the same characteristic that taught her to turn to yoga instead of emotional eating. On Instagram, Dana shares pics of herself contorting her body in complicated yoga poses.

Dana said through her yoga practice, she learned her body never prohibited her from achieving her goals.

When she initially started yoga, she had doubted she would be able to do more advanced poses due to her size.

Most of her inspiring messages are usually along with her photos to promote self-love and the idea that women of all shapes and sizes can benefit from regular yoga practice. Dana has equally insisted that yoga is for everyone. Nonetheless, her photos mean different things to different people, and while they’ve helped her learn to love herself more, she doesn’t allow the negative comments to affect the way she views herself.

Dana has now insisted that yoga is for everyone, regardless of their shape, size, and age.

After a rooftop yoga class, Dana is seen striking a pose with her fellow yogis.

Just last week, Dana took to Facebook to announce the debut of her online series for Cody, Making Shapes, which breaks down the postures of yoga and makes them accessible to everyone, particularly beginners and those with large body sizes. “You get to decide that you’re worth it. You have to believe that you are worthy of love and happiness and fulfilling life. Everything else will get in the way as long as you allow it.” Dana had explained.

Watch One Of Her Videos Here:

22 Celebs Who Actually Married Their Fans

Crushing on a celebrity is quite inevitable. Whether you’re a big fan of Hollywood or perhaps barely even pay attention to the celeb gossip, it’s guaranteed that you must have at least found one famous person attractive or loved their personality. With this, it’s pretty simple to imagine how totally wild it would be if you ended up marrying that same celebrity crush. Well, it happens and indeed more often than you imagined.

It turns that quite a few celebrities have ended up getting married to people that once admired them from a distance. And just like normal people, they’ve proved that falling in love has no boundaries. These celebrities [compiled below] had spent some time dating their fans, and eventually, it married them. Scroll through and enjoy some inspiring love short stories. Enjoy!

Steve And Marjorie Harvey.

Steve spotted his wife in the front row of a 1990 Memphis comedy show where he was performing. The duo briefly dated, but it wasn’t until 2005 that they got serious. In 2007, they got married and had been living happily ever after.

Justin And Hailey Bieber.

A whole lot of women dreamt of getting married to Bieber. However, Hailey, who was a well-documented Belieber, got the spot. In particular, she had succeeded in meeting with Bieber thanks to her famous dad, Stephen Baldwin. Soon after, the duo flaunted their whirlwind romance and, in 2018, resulted in a wedding.

Adam And Jackie Sandler.

Adam met with Jackie after the model and actor went for and won a small role as a Sports bar waitress in his movie Big Daddy. Soon after, they began dating. The duo walked down the aisle in 2003 and has since welcomed two beautiful daughters.

Mathew Lewis And Angela Jones.

In 2016, Angela was an event planner at Universal Studios when she crossed paths with Mathew Lewis, popularly known as Gryffindor Neville Longbottom. As Yahoo reported, she had written on her lifestyle blog afterward that she never believed in soulmates until she met Mathew. However, two years later, they got married.

La La And Carmelo Anthony.

Carmelo was a star when he met La La Vasquez. But then he was another fan crushing on the TV presenter. Mutual friend DJ Clue introduced the duo to each other. However, they got married in 2010, and much of their life has been documented by VH1 reality shows.

Ruben Studdard And Surata Zuri McCants.

The American Idol Winner Ruben was signing CDs at Walmart in 2006 when he met Surata. Less than two years after putting his signature on Surata’s album, the duo got married, but sadly the pair divorce was finalized in 2012.

Kim Kardashian And Kanye West.

A glance at Kim’s 2006 photo with her friend Paris Hilton got Kanye West smitten. And sometime in 2012, the two started dating while Kim was still with Kris Humphries. However, they married in 2014 but are on the path of finalizing their divorce. At the moment, they’ve four children.

Corey And Susie Feldman.

While she was out celebrating her 19th birthday with friends, Corey met with Susie. Soon after, they got married on Corey’s reality show named The Two Coreys in 2002. But unfortunately, they separated in 2009 and finalized their divorce in 2014.

Mariah Carey And Nick Cannon.

Nick Cannon was utterly a fan of Mariah Carey’s music looks. And luckily for him, they got married. However, Nick wasn’t destined to be Mariah’s baby as the duo eventually separated in 2016.

Tom Cruise And Katie Holmes.

Something had always told Katie she would marry Tom Cruise! She even publicly told Seventeen Magazine in 2004. Well, in May 2005, her dream came true as she dated Cruise. The pair were engaged mere weeks later, and in 2016, Holmes gave birth to their child named Suri. Sadly, the couple divorced in 2012.

Ringo Starr And Maureen Starkey Tigrett.

After her regular attendance at Cavern Club caught his attention, Maureen dated Ringo in secret for a while. She even stood by his bedside while he convalesced of fever and tonsillitis during his time in the hospital. However, the two afterward made the relationship official and married in 1965. They had two other children before divorcing in 1975.

John Travolta And Kelly Preston.

This couple met in 1987 for a screen test of a film they wind up starring in together. Their chemistry wasn’t instant, but Preston’s rocky marriage sparked up a closeness with Travolta. Officially, they became a thing in 1990 and married the following year. The couple weathered decades’ ups and downs as one before Preston died of breast cancer in 2020.

Fergie And Josh Duhamel.

Josh had made his crush on the Black Eyed Peas’ Fergic public. And indeed, Fergie approached the actor on the set of his TV show, Las Vegas, and kicked off their relationship, resulting in marriage in 2009. They had a child after staying together for almost a decade but finalized their divorce in 2019.

Patrick And Jillian Dempsey.

Hairstylist Jillian gave trims and crushed on actor Patrick for three years before he officially asked her out. The duo moved in together three months after their first date and got married in 1999. Since then, to date, they’ve stuck together and had even reconciled following a near divorce.

Wiz Khalifa And Amber Rose.

The duo already had successful careers before they started dating. But their PDA made it known that they had been interested in each other for a long time. Eventually, the pair got married but was short yet sweet. And so far, they’ve continually cheered each other up since their 2016 divorce.

Jerry And Jessica Seinfeld.

This couple met at the gym in 1998 when she was only just two months into her first marriage. At that time, her relationship was in the mud, yet a big fan of Jerry’s show. Soon after, the duo dated in secret but was caught by Jessica’s husband via paparazzi shots. In 1999, Jerry eventually married Jessica after her divorce.

Anne Hathaway And Adam Shulman.

Producer Shulman was among the biggest fans of actress Anne. He was a long-time admirer of the actor and presumably had the chance to tell her after they met through a friend a few years ago. The pair got married in 2012.

Danny Bonaduce And Amy Railsback.

Danny, the Partridge Family Star, had met with Railsback, a teacher, when she approached him at a Starbucks to applaud his reality series titled Breaking Bonaduce. There on, the duo dated for three years while Bonaduce finalized his divorce with his second wife. Eventually, they married in 2010.

Billie And Adrienne Armstrong.

It was the backstage of a 1990 show in Minnesota that Billie Joe met with his wife Adrienne, who had seen the band the night before at a house party and was left impressed enough. At first, the duo didn’t begin dating, and after an unsuccessful attempt at a long-distance relationship and time apart, the pair reconnected and got married in 1994.

Conan And Liza O’Brien.

Conan, the redhead talk show host, spotted his wife, Liza, in the audience during a 2000 taping of his show. Following this, he made a move, and interestingly, they got married two years later and now have two children together.

Gwyneth Paltrow And Chris Martin.

Before their mocked conscious uncoupling in 2016, Martin had made jokes about dating Paltrow. However, when she later attended a Coldplay show, Martin’s assistant asked her to come backstage, and there they made introductions. The duo hit things off and got married. At the moment, they have two children together, Apple and Moses.

Kyra Sedgwick And Kevin Bacon.

This couple remains one of Hollywood’s most enduring. Kyra met with Kevin when she was only 12. She had just seen the actor perform in the matinee of a play and decided to approach him in a deli. They didn’t start dating until they crossed paths again on the set of 1988’s Lemon Sky. This same year, they got married.

Two Guys Went Fishing But Ended Up Catching Abandoned Kittens

Jason Frost and Brandon Key, went fishing on the Black Warrior river in Alabama. They could’t imagine what they were about to see. Two little kittens swimming out from shore to seek safety on their boat. Jason Frost posted a video on his social media captioning: “Y’all are not gonna believe what is swimming towards our boat. A kitten” the video went quickly viral. It looked like the kittens were abandoned by their previous owners. Yet the kittens were very scared, still very friendly and lovable. As soon as Jason and Brandon reached dry land, they met a couple with fell straight away in love with the kittens and wanted to adopt them. Thankfully they are now healthy and safe!

Watch Jason’s video below:


Adorable Rescued Pit Bull Adopts A Kitty As His Own Daughter

The six years old rescued PitBull Buba has a special love for kittens. It all started when his human mother got him from a shelter in Phoenix, Arizona when he was just 3 months old. One of her roomates was taking care a litter of kittens, that’s when Buba fell a strong connection with them. Finally, after 6 years of waiting, Pizzello surprised her mellow pit with his very own kitten.

“I always knew he’d love having one of his own but I wanted to wait until we moved to NYC this year,” Pizzello told Bored Panda. She got the tiny ginger kitten from a shelter, too. “The fact that Bubba and Rue have identical coloring still blows my mind…I knew Bubba would be filled with joy the second we walked in the door and  boy was I right.”

Shortly after the kitten was brought to her new forever home, she fell asleep on her buddy Buba! “I think Rue thinks Bubba is her mom and Bubba loves it,” Pizzello added. “He bathes her like a baby and snuggles close to her to make her comfortable.  They will definitely be a fun duo to watch grow up together!”

Here are some heartwarming images!







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Mother Cat Runs Into Burning Building 5 Times To Save Her Kittens

Scarlet the cat and her five kittens lived in Brooklyn in an abandoned garage that people illegally used as a crack house.

On 30 March 1996, unfortunately, a huge fire covered the garage and Scarlet, and her kittens had almost died, but Scarlet couldn’t let that happen, so she carried her kittens outside to safety one by one. She entered the building five whole times to save her babies.

After managing to save all of her babies, she wanted to make sure that all of them were safe by touching them with her nose as it was impossible to see them from the blisters on her eyes. As soon as Scarlet realized that they were all well, she collapsed.

The firefighters immediately took the little feline family to the vet at North Shore Animal League in Port Washington, New York. They were all treated with love and care. Sadly, after a month of treatment, one kitty couldn’t make it because of a virus. Nevertheless, all the other cats were treated well. After about three months of treatment, they finally recovered and were ready to find forever homes.

Brave Scarlet, who had to go through “hell” to save her precious kittens,  lost her battle with multiple illnesses after living with her adoptive family in Brooklyn, New York for over 12 years.  On October 15th, 2008 sadly Scarlet passed away, however her impressive story still stays and shows her uncompromising love and triumph over all odds!

R.I.P Brave mama !

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Thirsty Stray Dog Picks Up And Empty Bucket And Begs For People For Water

Many people in Lima, Peru’s capital, were forced to leave their homes and search for water after the drought. Imagine how hard it was for the homeless animals, to find water. People were shocked seeing a stray dog lugging an empty bucket in the hope of finding some water on a sweltering day.

Unfortunately, all of Lima’s open water sources have dried up due to a lack of water. Heartbreakingly, the poor dog, decides to pick up a pail in the hopes of attracting the attention of people and obtaining some water.

Even if he manage to get some water, he still continued to search for more as he knew that he will need some extra water for the future. A woman petted the pup and tried to remove the bucket from his mouth but the pup refused to let go as he knew that’s his last source of survival.

Check out the video below:

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Homeless man dies of sadness after his puppy is stolen !

Guizmo was his only friend…

Dogs are extremely good beings, they do nothing however exude their Light for all the privileged humans who have the pleasure of having them. Then, when they leave, the whole lot will become cloudy.

The story of Muhammad, further recognized as Momo, is a story of love that has past death. He was a resident of the avenue, who lived in the metro station Ampère de Lyon in France. He is said to have panicked and despair overwhelmed him, overcoming that his dear and loyal friend, Guizmo, was no more. Deep pain prompted Mohammed’s death. However, the animal mysteriously returned the day after it lost its life in the station.

Nowadays there is a, therefore, commemorative plaque at the identical station that reminds him, and the canine comes each and every day barring fail to go to it. And that’s it, it has been tested that there is nothing in the world or no one extra devoted than a dog. They solely understand how to supply love and companionship.

It used to be ten years of mutual happiness between them.

For a decade, they followed everyone different on the streets of Lyon. Unfortunately, one fateful and unfortunate day, the puppy evaporated, disappeared without a trace, and Mohammed remained completely inconsolable, who was once valid on scientific trails until his death.

So far, no one is aware of for certain how the occasions occurred. The fact is that the cutecanines regarded unhurt and these days he visits the memorial of his former guardian. “It was once not possible for them to be apart. His canine was once everything: his father, his fine friend, his son,” Hachaane, a man or woman very shut to Momo, advised the media.

Unfortunately, the astonishing and long-lasting friendship between them ended when the animal disappeared. The man was crushed once.

Guizmo was once his only pal and, dropping his coronary heart consequently should now not undergo the ache of the loss and deserted himself till it stopped beating. “Mohamed used to be left alone, adrift. His devoted friend, the solely employer he had in his life, disappeared in the blink of an eye,” delivered Hachaane.

The tragedy occurred on February 23 , when Momo was once killed with the aid of the subway.

The story goes that at the time of the event the man was drunk, disappointed with the existence he had taken away from his pet. On the other hand, another says that Mohammed was once sincerely desperate. He no longer devoured, no longer spoke and drank a lot.  In the end, he rested.

Hachaane changed Guizmo, perception the situation. Momo used to be his exceptional friend. It was once the least he may want to do to honor his memory. So Hachaane determined to area the commemorative plaque at the station the place this noble homeless man lived, so that all of us would be aware of this story of real love. At the moment, Hachaane is hoping to elevate money to purchase a marble slab, to proceed to honor Guizmo’s pricey historic accomplice in life.

Mama Hovered Over Lifeless Puppy While Her Other Baby Sobbed In The Woods !

 The man pulled over and tried to help. But she wouldn’t leave her baby’s side while her other puppy screamed his little lungs out.

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A good man was driving down the road when he noticed a puppy that was clearly in misery. He stopped his automobile to see if he could assist her. The dog was heartbroken. She had recently lost her baby when he was hit by a car. The man couldn’t rescue the dog since he was too far gone, but he could help his mother. He had a hunch she had other puppies nearby. He needed to act immediately before more lives were lost.

The issue was that the mother dog would not leave her child. The dad whistled again and again to see if another baby would come out, but nothing occurred. He then fed Mom and tried to calm her down. She’d gone through a lot: homelessness, malnutrition, and the loss of her kid. The sympathetic man couldn’t even fathom the depth of her anguish.

The man kept calling out for more puppies. When he understood he needed to go look for himself, he left Mom to finish her meal. Fortunately, he quickly found another puppy. He then went about the house looking for any more babies that might have been left behind.

The father loaded Mom and the baby into his car after praying for the infant who had died. He drove them to a nearby shelter, where they were welcomed with open arms. They guaranteed that mom and puppy would be well-cared for and that any medical requirements they had would be met as soon as possible.

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