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This rescued cat looks like a bunny and is too adorable

This elderly cat who was rescued along with 9 felines, has stolen people’s hearts because he looks like a bunny Most rescued animals bring their own history with them or are usually differentiated by some curious fact or physical characteristic, and although this rescued elderly cat has a somewhat confusing history, people who know him...More Please

Adorable moment when an orphaned baby elephant holds its own bottle

On video was recorded the adorable moment when an orphaned baby elephant holds its bottle and tries to feed on its own At the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Nairobi, a charming orphaned baby elephant tries to hold his bottle on his own. Two-year-old Bondeni was trying very excitedly to hold the bottle of formula milk with the help...More Please

Gato graduates with his mother with an emotional support degree

This adorable cat graduates with his mother and receives his degree of emotional support wearing an adorable tailored gown Salem, a lovely fluffy kitten , was rescued by his human family when he was just 7 weeks old, and had two of his legs broken. He was treated by the vet and managed to completely heal his wounds...More Please

Retired Nurse Started Hospice To Help Dumped Dogs Get A Shelter

Nicola Coyle has always taken care of dogs, but after her retirement as a nurse, she is able to put all her energy into catering to the needs of abandoned people in the last days of their lives. She founded Gray Muzzle Canine Hospice in Mansfield, England to bathe these love dogs Nicola can’t bear...More Please

The couple spent all their money to build a paradise for their beloved rabbits.

Emma Hartshoorn and Wayne Kenward from Stratford-upon-Avon have completely transformed their suburban area for the sake of 30 furry pets, turning it into the best place to live for the big-eared fraternity. Thousands of pounds spent, long hours of almost hard labor, many hired specialists and non-standard solutions in the field of landscape design. But the result...More Please