Cats Behave In The Weirdest Ways But It’s Delightful For Us

There’s no better distraction in life than cats. Possibly, as you are reading this you are dreading an upcoming zoom meeting or scrolling aimlessly through your news-feed to avoid tackling the next task on your to do list.

I get it, working from home can be difficult. It can be especially hard to concentrate with no one to tell you off if you are not on task–especially when the whole internet is just… there.

It’s time to let go of the guilt and embrace the distractions, because we’ve got cat content for you. Don’t worry, your work will be there later, but these cats are here right meow.

Hopefully, wherever you are reading this you have got a cat on your lap. But if not, let this fill the cat void in your life, and even if you are cuddling a cat or two, that’s just all the more reason to enjoy looking at even more cats.





@cilgindondurmaci_@cilgin0765♬ orijinal ses – Mehmet Dinç

4. “Gross. But, bless you, I suppose.”

5. Boxes: the finest gift for any cat.


@cilgindondurmaci_♬ orijinal ses – Mehmet Dinç

6. Live action Aristocats?


@thekhaleesicatDo you think Khaleesi looks like an Aristocat? 🐱🎀 #Khaleesi #disneyfilter #disney #aristocats #petsoftiktok #cat #fyp #foryou♬ Disney Pictures Intro – Disney Pictures

7. E G G T H I E F


8. They ATTACK


@mgnasmthMy friends: why do you have scratches all over you? Also me: #catsoftiktok #cat #NobodyNeedsToKnow♬ original sound – Megan

9. Cat bling


@canklebmy greatest investment #foryou #fyp #foryoupage #cat #kitty #twinkletush♬ original sound – cankleb

10. It’s like one of those baby carrying things!

11. So apparently if you brush your cat with a wet toothbrush it remind them of being groomed by their mother?

(Make sure you use an old toothbrush though!)


@marleymalinThis is Marley’s new favorite thing 🥺🥺🥺 #stepintolove #foryou #fyp #catsoftiktok♬ original sound – It’s Dynah

12. This cat is so dramatic, I love it.


@m4dmartiganThe drama! #cats #catsoftiktok #icecream #brainfreeze #lol #help♬ original sound – user614945138396

13. What a transformation!

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