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Cats Can Be Seen Everywhere And All The Time When You’re Totally Obsessed With Them

Cats are literally everywhere and not only on the internet. After cats successfully managed to conquer the internet and flooded it with pictures and videos of themselves, cats have now started to appear on random objects.

Pretty sure, knowing cats, it’s all part of their plan for world domination. It’s only a matter of time before cats rule the world in more than hypothetical ways.

The cats and their plan to enslave humanity is still far from being done, but they have managed to successfully achieve a lot of important things that will finally allow them to take over this planet and make us all worship them.

These people somehow randomly managed to spot cats in regular objects and random things and it’s so amazing how detailed they look. Our minds are clearly being subconsciously reconfigured to see cats in any thing and every thing… the purr-fect cat concocted plan.

“This Bag Looks Like A Cat”

“My Wife’s Hot Chocolate Was Visited By A Mysterious Cat”

“Bubbles That Form A Little Cat Shape”

“Dog’s Shadow Looks Exactly Like A Cat”

“This Shadow Of The Window Frame Looks Like A Cat Is Perched Up There.”

“The Makeup Squirt On My Sponge Resembled A Cat This Morning.”

“This Can Of Paint Looks Like A Cat”

“Grumpy Cat In My Apple”

“This Cloud Looks Like A Cat, And A Dog.”

“This Cat Food Bag’s Shadow Looks Like A Cat”

“The Pattern On My Dogs Chest Looks Like A Cat Mid Sneeze”

“This Grass That Looks Like A Giant Cat”

“This Crack On The Stairs Looks Like A Cat”

“The Reflection Of This Watch Looks Like A Logo For Some Cat Super Hero”.

“The Way My Lotion Squirted Out Looks Like A Cat”

“Cat Formed By Cracks Above My Light Switch”

“This Chip In My Window Looks A Bit Like A Cat”

“This Kitty Has A Picture Of Another Cat On Its Forehead”

“This Tree Behind My House Looks Like A Cat Turning Back To Look At Me”

“This Thread On My Floor That Looks Like A Cat”