Cats Hanging Out In Places They Simply Don’t Belong In

We all know by now that cats are weird creatures. Cats don’t care about anything at all (except chicken, cats care about chicken,) and cats live life as cats see fit.

Attempting to make a cat do things a certain way will only result in your failure and your disappointment, because cats just cannot be tamed. Well, your cat may end up disappointed, too… in you.

Cats have a completely different perception of life. A kitty will cope with it differently and a cat’s priorities are often unclear.

The moods of cats are constantly swinging without prior notice, that’s why cats are always hanging out in places that cats are not supposed to be in. These cat pictures show us cats in some of the most random places cats have been spotted.

1. Cats just don’t give a f**k

2. I don’t like your new pet hooman

3. They’re keeping each other company

4. Rules don’t apply to cats

5. Perfect Fit

6. This is where cats are made

7. If it fits…

8. Just hanging

9. I feel you little buddy

10. How dare you disturb my slumber

11. Just trying to help out

12. Cats will turn anything into a bed

13. Perfect Fit

14. “Hey psst… I love you”

15. Hanging out in cat heaven

16. I feel safe already

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