Cats whose crazy antics prove that sharpness at any x does not hold

Every cat owner knows what crazy things they can sometimes commit. And such situations happen to hundreds of owners around the world.Every cat owner knows what crazy things they can sometimes commit. And such situations happen to hundreds of owners around the world.

“When I eat, the cat tries to steal everything from the table. So I leave him outside the kitchen and close the door, and he looks at me like this “

Doesn’t drink water if it’s not in a glass

He just loves taking selfies.

“When I go to bed, he looks at me from the closet. And so every night! “

“My cat loves to look in the mirror. And when no one pays attention to him, he throws things away “

“When we ask:“ Where is Gala? ”- she hides behind a curtain. We pretend that we are looking for her, she sits and does not breathe. When we find a cat, it hits us with its paws and runs away “

“My cat loves to sleep on TV.”

“I don’t know how to react to this: he often looks at me that way, watching from behind the door.”

When Mozart is hungry, he climbs onto the table and begins to throw everything out of there, or even vomit. Until someone fills his bowl

“My cat loves to watch TV, stretch out on the floor like a rabbit and chew on notebooks with notes.”

“He sleeps with his tongue sticking out and his eyes rolling. The first time we saw it, we thought she was dead. “

“When guests come, my cat sits down next to her, legs crossed. She always wants to be in the spotlight. “

“My cat often sleeps hugging a rabbit”

“Jumps off the floor and climbs onto my shoulders. She loves to move around the house like that. “

“My cat loves to go to the toilet in a bidet”

Oliver spies on neighbors

“My adorable kitty, who died last year (I still miss her), did kinesiology exercises with me when I sprained my leg.”

They often take symmetrical poses.

“Athena, who has been living with me for 2 weeks, sleeps as if she is doing yoga”

From time to time considers himself a meerkat

Loves bananas and cream cheese

“When I ignore my cat, he lies down and looks at me until I touch him.”

“My bbw prefers to sleep in the sink with one leg dangling.”

“Comes every time I spend a long time in the toilet”


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