Chubby rescued cat loves to show her belly and get pampered

Wilford is a chubby cat weighing around 28 pounds, he is an adorable gray feline who enjoys showing off his huge round belly whenever the opportunity presents itself. This huge 8-year-old kitten was rescued at the end of December by Lost Dog and Cat Rescue , a rescue group from Virginia (United States).

Later, he was transferred to his foster home with Jen and Ian in Washington, DC.

Wilford’s foster mom Jen told The Dodo :

“She rocks on her back several times a day. Sometimes she seems to be asking to have her belly rubbed, and sometimes she really seems to be lamenting ‘Woe is me!'”

Chubby cat enjoys showing its tummy

His foster family went to great lengths to help Wilford lose weight. When he got home he was just looking for food.

Jen wrote on her instagram page :

“He is incredibly sweet, but he is also confused, stressed and overwhelmed by all the changes in his life, he had just lost his family, his home and his routine. He was in a new environment, with new people, new smells, new sounds, and other cats.

This huge feline has gone through a difficult transition and reflected great anxiety when Jen and Ian welcomed him home.

The first thing his foster parents did was take the huge cat to the vet, there they discovered that the chubby cat suffered from asthma and an infection in his upper respiratory tract.

Being able to help him and get this cat to lose weight and improve his health has been a difficult task, but his foster family looked for alternatives so that Wilford can lead a much healthier life.

It is a difficult task to control your eating due to your anxiety, but all that is done is in search of your well-being.

Jen added:

Wilford’s personality is even bigger than his belly!

Wilford follows a calorie-restricted diet and eats high-quality foods. he exercises daily, and is beginning to pant less each day, is struggling to make his intestines work better, but is happy, purrs like any other cat, and enjoys cuddling and toys, according to Jen.

After spending a month with his foster family, this cat managed to lose some weight, began to exercise, looked happy, and enjoyed wagging his tail with satisfaction.

Jen added:

“He is an incredibly sweet guy with an incredible personality, we truly believe that he will thrive and lose those pounds in the right environment with the right people.”

Now Wilford’s life has changed completely, after going through all this process he has been adopted and has a fabulous definitive family that gives him all the love that this feline needs.

If you want to know a little more about Wilford’s progress you can follow him on his Facebook page .

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