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Conquerors of balconies: a dozen funny dogs at their observation posts

Both the wolfhound and the lapdog have a protective instinct. It implies the need to monitor the territory, observe the movements of everyone, for which an overview is needed, preferably circular. Well, where can I get it if you are locked in an apartment? So it turns out that the only thing left for the dogs is to watch the world from the balcony. But there are few conveniences, and therefore a responsible process turns into a farce and a tragicomedy!

I sit here like some canary without wings

Simple pet care

Balcony with a balcony, there is where to stick out a curious face

If you wish, you can even stick out not only the muzzle

Judging by her look, this dog has a low opinion of the passers-by below.

Morning begins with an overview of the property

It is better to make a hole than to make the dog jump and risk falling down.

Eh, sadly in your this quarantine …

You seem to have been noticed. But they will ignore!

All the amenities for a pet. How else?

Suddenly. Does he often watch passers-by like that?

At the post

The consul went out to the balcony

And watches what is happening

Broke in pairs

When the internet was turned off

Legs dangling and examining the situation