Couple creates “fake lap” to distract needy kitten while working

The owners of Ziggy, a 10-year-old cat, had to come up with a creative solution to deal with her shortage. The pussy just wants to be on her lap all the time. Three years ago, Rebecca May and her husband adopted Ziggy and her sister, Harley, from a shelter in London . At the time, they did not imagine that they would need a false lap to deal with the feline.

Ziggy was shy at first, but showed that she has an intense relationship when she gets attached. She has to be with those she likes all the time, she is sweet and affectionate. He prowls the house looking for someone to curl up with. Ziggy is always looking for an available person. Even before her parents sit down, she is already planning her affection attack. Each free lap is like a target for her.

Fake lap was made as a joke, but it worked

The tutors had to think of something to do, since the lack of the beautiful kitten started to hinder the work. She always lay on the computer, phones or papers. This brought difficulties, but nothing that irritated the owners, who love her very much .

They then had the fun idea of ​​creating a phallus neck. For this, they used pants with padding, a heating pad and a pillow to simulate the belly. They did it as a joke , because they didn’t believe it would work.

Everyone was surprised when the kitten climbed on its fake legs and slept there for four hours. The sister didn’t even call the decoy, but the target of the game fell just right.

The tutors stated that they will never fail to give the kitten the real lap. They only use it when they need to work, because they also love Ziggy’s companion and love to give attention and affection to her.

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