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Damaged Kitty Gets Rescued And Beats The Odds To Survive

Sometimes what people do to some helpless animals is just beyond imagination, their cruelty is simply unbelievable. But thankfully, we still have many kind-hearted heroes out there who are willing to do anything to give these pitiful creatures a second chance at life.When Hope For Paws heard about an injured cat who had been motionless for almost a day, rescuer JoAnn Wiltz immediately got on the road to reach the mentioned spot. And once the cat realized that she was there to help, he cried out right away as if telling JoAnn about his bitterness. The poor kitty must be in a lot of pain.

JoAnn sympathetically picked him up and rushed him to the vet for timely medical treatment. She named him Tater Tot.

And even when JoAnn already knew that Tater Tor was hurt, she didn’t expect his wound to be that serious. A pellet had penetrated his spine and he had to undergo surgery as soon as possible. It’s so sad to think that some “humans” could be that brutal. If it hadn’t been for JoAnn and that wonderful girl who informed them about his condition, the unfortunate feline wouldn’t be able to make it.

Lucky for Tater Tot, the surgery was quite successful. But it wasn’t until one week later that the tabby could be able to sit up by himself. And finally, after three months of rehabilitation and plenty of iron will, Tater Tot has transformed into a whole new cat! He could run around and play cheerfully like any other cat now.





Even though Tater Tot may never be able to take part in vigorous-intensity activities, at least the lovely boy could be considered a healthy cat at the moment. Of course, some special needs are still unavoidable, but he surely is a strong and lively kitty who will warm up your heart.

Tater Tot already has a wonderful foster home to recover from the tragic accident, but he is still looking for his own forever home. So if you love to take this incredible boy in, please contact Hope For Paws to apply for adoption.

And last but not least, don’t forget to share his amazing story with your friends and family!