Despite All The Wounds Caused By Humans, He Does Not Stop Loving And Trusting People.

This cat was born and raised on the street but dreamed of human affection and his own home. But instead, some scoundrel splashed acid on the gentle beast. After several days of suffering, the cat came to people for help.

A kind-hearted woman, finding a suffering animal on her doorstep, immediately took him to the veterinarian.



But even here the cat was not lucky: an incompetent veterinarian only prescribed antibiotics for him and advised him to euthanize the suffering animal.

Fortunately, the persistent savior did not calm down on this and turned to the animal care center, where they provide assistance with incurable diseases, elderly animals left without the care of their owners.



Here the cat was taken into care, giving him the nickname “Thomas the Faithful” – for the fact that, despite all his suffering, he was still an affectionate and trusting animal.

Thomas spent several months on antibiotics and pain medication. He was regularly dressed with special dressings with ointments to heal wounds and had several cosmetic surgeries.



Thomas is a very brave and affectionate cat, the shelter staff say. “Despite everything, he kept purring and fawning over those who cared for him.” Although his affectionate nature almost cost him his life, Thomas continued to reach out to people.

Yet Thomas the Faithful was born under a lucky star. Although he lost an eye, he eventually managed to return to a full life. Now he lives in an orphanage. As he dreamed, he found a roof over his head, and now he sees only goodness from people.

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