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Devastated Mum Offers £15K Reward After ‘Ultra-Rare’ Dogs Worth £25,000 Stolen

The mother of one is horrified and sad at the tragic incident. For this reason, she’s doing everything in her power to guarantee their safe return. And that includes risking her life savings as a reward.

Dani recently shared the video’s footage, in a desperate plea for clues regarding the incident. Moreover, she revealed how the actual incident took place when she and her partner went out for one hour, just so she could visit her father. But when she arrived, she was absolutely terrified to find out what happened.

The Chow Chows are a rare breed and a pet that are very close to Dani’s hearts. The owner explained how each puppy is worth £4000 each. And that gives a massive total of £8000!

“I’m completely heartbroken,” she explained in her recent interview with the press. It’s a huge reward because they both mean so much to me,” she exclaimed. For Dani, these weren’t just pets, they were like her family. And it’s a loss that she’s not ready to come to terms with.

Dani explained how Bonnie and Clyde are from the exact same breeder. Moreover, they have always been together. Today, however, she’s worried that they’re separated for the first time ever. She also worries about their health and whether or not they’re getting appropriate treatment in the cold.

The recent social media appeal went viral, getting around 4.5 million shares in no time. Therefore, Dani is still not losing hope and urging for more attention and investigations into the matter.