Dog Faces Photoshopped Into Food Items (14+ Pics)

What on the earth is better than food? Can you name anything? Probably, you can’t because there is nothing better than freshly baked cookies & cupcakes or pizza or anything else. See, just the thought of food can water the mouth. That’s the power of food. This is why our furry friend wants everything that we are eating (literally everything).

Whenever they see us eating anything, they shamelessly stand near us, stare at us with their glittery eyes so that we share a bite of food with them. Hopefully, none of the pet parents mind this silly thing.

And today we are going to talk about both our priority i.e. food and dogs. Some people with really good photoshop skills have come up with brilliant and unique ideas of placing dog photos on exotic food items. Sounds interesting, right? Of course. So scroll down and see the amazing pictures.

Ain’t nobody can say no to dumplings! Especially, when they are this cute.

“Henlo, I’m a good doghnut.”

A fresh pugcake is a perfect tea time snack.

Some fresh woofberries for breakfast.

“Dog in Food” is probably the best thing that any food and dog lover can ever come across. Why are we saying so? Because this Instagram page is worth it. With 687K followers, this page has become quite popular among pet parents. This page was started with the sole purpose to entertain dog lovers and food enthusiasts with incredibly adorable photos. Since the owner of this page does not want to do self-branding, he/she posts anonymously.

Some yummy bull berries.

“I’m a banana oh na na!”

Now that’s a fresh Puppyberry.

Some fresh veggies.

Fried chicken? More like a puppy cocoon.

I spy with my little eye something that is goofy.

Doodle fried chicken.

Here are some freshly baked woofcuits. Enjoy them with a glass of milk.

Some hot chocolate with a dash of puppy.


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