Dog is caught on camera hugging mom’s clothes while away

Kalina is a sweet German Shepherd dog who loves spending time with her mom, Raven Atchison; So much so that he gets a little sad when she’s not at home. Fortunately, the dog found an adorable way to deal with this.

Raven is aware that Kalina experiences separation anxiety, so she does what it takes to stay home for as long as possible. When she has to go out, the woman takes precautions to control the dog while she is away.

Raven told The Dodo :

“I set up these cameras so that when I’m away from home, I can monitor it and make sure it’s okay. And to see if there are stressors in their environment when I’m not there.

Dog is caught hugging mom’s clothes when she is not

While checking the cameras , Raven noticed unexpected behavior from her dog.

Kalina was feeling a bit stressed from being alone, and to calm herself, she took some clothes from her mom, whom she no doubt missed, and snuggled up comfortably on top of the bed.

We can see the emotional moment in the following video


Kalina found a tender way to be close to her mother; smelling its scent on clothes.

Raven said:

«My heart melted completely! I am incredibly touched that my scent is only a comfort to her. To have been able to see her snuggle in my clothes, and then lie down quietly and peacefully with her, made me happy all day.

After Raven saw the recordings, she remembered that, in the past, she had found her clothes in strange places where she did not remember leaving them. Now, she understood exactly why this was happening; the mystery was solved.



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