Dramatic footage of a battle between two tigresses! These are the brutes!

Parag Bhat, in his 60s, has devoted the past 15 years to wildlife photography and has seen a lot. But never before has an Indian photographer come across a fight of tigers, more precisely, tigresses – a mother and an adult daughter. He could not even imagine this, much less the fury and drama of this duel. Fortunately, I had my camera with me and the world saw some impressive footage!

The battle of the tigresses unfolded in Ranthambore National Park in the western state of Rajasthan in India. Nur, an aged tigress, sincerely loved and cared for her daughter Sultana, but she grew up and responded with black ingratitude. Apparently, the young tigress decided that the mother was too well settled, lives in the best zone of the park and does not share. It is customary for tigers not to let strangers into their territory. Past kinship is not counted, the Sultana is strong enough to challenge her mother. The photographer notes – Nur walked calmly along the path, not paying attention to the Sultana, and she crept up to her and attacked from behind!

The fight lasted only 20 seconds, no more, but it was terrible in scope and fury! Alas, youth defeated old age, and Nur, not tempt fate, fled. The territory remained with the Sultana, the new owner of these lands.

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