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Dusty, Dirty, The Kitten Lay And Could Not Walk Until She Saw Him…!

A small black kitten has been admitted to a private cat shelter in St. Louis, Missouri. A kind woman found him lying right on the sidewalk between her house and a nearby abandoned building. The kitten was covered with dust and dirt and seemed already dead, as it did not move at all.

A shelter worker named Bobby took calls from the phone that day and it was she who went to the call when the woman who found the kitten called the shelter.

From the descriptions of the kitten, Richard was sure that he was already dead, but when she touched his tiny paw, the kitten moved a little, although he did not make a meow or any sound at all. He lay on his side, his paws stiff and stiff, but when he turned his head to Bobby and looked at her, she knew that the kitten still had a chance to survive.



The veterinarian examined the kitten and checked it on x-rays but found no problems with the bones (the initial version was about fractures), the bones were not damaged.

At the same time, the paralysis did not prevent the kitten from feeling the touch of fingers on its paws. The veterinarian suggested that the kitten had an unknown neurological injury.



No one knew fully how to help him and whether he would walk after this help, but people decided to try to give the kitten a chance.

The kitten was given a sonorous and strong name – Lashley and began treatment. The kitten was prescribed physical therapy and it was necessary to carry out it at least 5-6 times a day, including grooming him since he could not go to the toilet on his own.



But Richard was ready to take on the chores. She arranged a special bed for the kitten with two

towels rolled up in rollers on the sides to support the kitten. After the first week of therapy, Bobbi noticed that one of the kitten’s paws moved.



Richard was in tears of joy. And by the end of the week, he began to get up on his paws on his couch and try to take his first steps. Every day Lashley became more stubborn and stronger.

He went through a slow and difficult path from the first attempts to stand up and sit on his own to limping and eventually began to move confidently and normally like all ordinary cats.



Now Lashley is a beautiful and healthy cat, according to which no one will say that he once could  not walk at all and lay dying on the pavement. Lashley lives in Bobby’s house and shows with his whole existence that one should never give up, even if it seems that the situation is hopeless.