Emerald-Green Cat Roams The Streets Of Bulgaria For Over A Year, Becoming More Vibrantly Green Every Day

A stray kitty in Bulgaria sparked alarm and controversy when it was spotted roaming the streets in a shocking, turquoise-like, emerald green color. Clearly, the cat’s colorful fur was unnatural and locals were quite disturbed and worried the cat could have been a victim of animal cruelty.

Varna, Bulgaria is a resort town for the Black Sea, making it quite the tourist hub, it’s certainly not unheard of for them to experience well over a million visitors a year. Like many places, Bulgaria has plenty of stray cats, too.

However, there couldn’t pawsibly any kitties quite like this nameless stray one that everyone is chattering about right meow!

The startling sight of this stray, turquoise cat got locals in Varna, Bulgaria is an understandable upoar.

Assuming someone played a cruel prank on the innocent cat, locals started a Facebook group called “Punishment to the the perpetrator of this criminal act,” hoping to work together as a community to hold responsible the abuser.

Thankfully, the local police and animal welfare organization determined the cat accidentally dyed itself the shocking green color.

To be specific, it was discovered the cat’s green tint was due to it sleeping on an “abandoned heap of synthetic green paint in a garage.”

Animal welfare volunteers assumed the cat also licked itself quite a bit, making matters only more vibrant as the days went on.

Multiple efforts were put in place to try and safely, humanely capture the cat so that a good bath could be arranged.

However, as anyone familiar with stray and feral cat colonies will know, one does not simply catch a cat just because they want to.

As the turquoise cat’s startling appearance went viral, other people offered seemingly obvious solutions.

One commenter pondered: “Maybe someone should clean up the “abandoned synthetic paint” that is in the garage it sleeps in.”

According to a statement made to Daily Mail:

“The RSPCA has warned that dyeing or painting animals for cosmetic reasons could have ‘potentially fatal consequences'”

It would seem the cat is doing just fine, even if the situation is less than ideal, but don’t get any ideas! Don’t dye your cats turquoise for internet points, folks.

Can’t get enough of this turquoise cat? Check out this pawesome video.

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