Enormous Sculptures Rooted in Nature Are Like Mystical Goddesses of Music Festivals

South African multidisciplinary artist Daniel Popper is known for his colossal figurative sculptures and spectacular public art installations at art and music events around the world. Daniel is well-known for his massive public art installations at top festivals like the Electric Forest festival in the USA,  Boom Festival in Portugal, Rainbow Serpent festival in Australia, as well as Afrikaburn in the Tankwa Karoo in South Africa.

One of Popper’s most recent sculptures, Modem Swamp, was an epic, 8-meter-tall (26-foot-tall) female figure at Modem Festival in Croatia. Created using steel and fiberglass, and covered in concrete, the whimsical character is posed holding her face in front of her head like a mask, revealing the wild jungle growing within her skull.
At night, projection mapping makes the piece look like it’s made from chrome.

Each sculpture has a story behind it, but I like to leave the questions about each piece a little bit open, so people can come and bring their own ideas to it,” Popper claimed. “I want people to come here and ask questions of themselves about their relationship with nature.

Do stories and artists like this matter to you? I bet they do.
Scroll down to see more of Popper’s incredible sculptures and explore even more of his growing portfolio on his instagram.

1. The first major U.S. exhibition of artist Daniel Popper at The Morton Arboretum.



4. South African multidisciplinary artist Daniel Popper creates giant figurative sculptures for art and music events around the world.


6. Each larger-than-life figure brings magic and fantasy to the places they inhabit.


8. The sculptures present the connection between humans and trees.





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