Entitled Cats Unexpectedly Visit People In Places They Don’t Belong

Cats and social media go hand in hand, paw in paw, and paw in hand. It’s also true that Facebook is one heck of a social media platform with no shortage of fun ways for all of us to pass our time.

These truths intersect for any of us who are obsessed with cats. A lot of us are obsessed with cats.

One group on Facebook you might find pawsitively irresistible once you think about it is the Facebook group called My House, Not My Cat. Cats can be surprisingly independent even to those of us who have a firm grasp on their purrsonality type!

Still, a cat that doesn’t live exclusively indoors or even a cat that sneaks out is not remotely ashamed to make his or herself right at home… in someone else’s home! Plus, with cats, the more outrageous the circumstances, the funnier the incident tends to be.

1. “This Is My House And This Is What Greets Me When I Open My Front Door. We Have 2 Cats And This Is Not One Of Them”

Hello precious.

2. “I Was Directed Here From Another Group. This Is Not My House, Its My Parents New Neighbors House. And This Is Definitely Not My Cat.”

Oh… Oh my.

3. “My House. Not My Cat. It Only Took 10 Years, But One Of Our Long Term Ferals We Have Cared For Just Crawled Into My Lap. I’ve Never Felt More Honored”

Patience is a virtue.

4. “3 Years Ago On Bonfire Night This Void Yelled Out From The Void Of My Damn Walls/Roof. My Wall Vent, Not My Cat”

Images you can hear.

5. “Close To Midnight Five Years Ago, I Was Startled By The Pathetic Mewling Of An Unhappy Kitty”

From mew to meow.

6. “My House. My Porch. My Packages. Not My Cat. I Think This Is Part Of A New Program Through Amazon Prime… “Securikitteh”. Because Nobody Messes With My Packages. N O B O D Y”

The best guardian of the packages.

7. “This Is Definitely Not My Cat, Even Though She Really Really Acts Like It.”


8. “My House Not My Cat.”

“Unless something changes and his owners are found… he is staying.”

9. “This Is My Patio And My Budgie, But Not My Cat”

He is cozy.

10. “This Baby Kitty Was Not Our Cat”

This face though, it’s purr-fect

11. “My Kitchen, Not My Cat. My Older Cat Escorted Him In Through The Kitty Door And Walked Him Over To The Food Bowl!”

A face no one could say no to.

12. “My House, My Bed, Not My Cat! This Is Max, A Ginger Cat That Belongs To My Neighbor, And He Came By To Watch Some TV With Me”

He has his priorities.

13. “My House’s Cat Bed, Not My Possum…”

Possum, the other cat.

14. “These Two Guys Are My Cat, Bubba’s, Friends. Including Brown Cat! (The Other One I Call Pip). But This Is His Crew. They’re Two Outside Stray Cats, Formed An Alliance W Mine And Have Been Patrolling The Hood Ever Since. Probably Longer Than I Realize”

The S Q U A D

15. “Intruder Alert”

Searching, searching, investigating.

16. “My Husband. Not My Cat. She Wandered In And Became Miss Steal Yo Man. This Was Last Night. She’s Still Here Today…. I Don’t Think She Has Plans To Leave”

She’s beautiful, she can definitely stay.

17. “Stanley Update!”

“To recap, Stanley was a stray who would visit the house to be fed. He sometimes would appear on the windowsill or the balcony.”

18. “My House, Not My Cat (Or Sponge.) She Just Came Running Through The Garden And Into The House With This Thing In Her Mouth”

The hunter.

19. “My Neighbours Cat Arrives With A Meow At 7am And Stays The Whole Day Until Said Neighbour Texts Me At 5pm Asking For Her Cat Back”

Maximum snuggle allotments.

20. “Not My Cat, Sleeping Under My Grill”

He found a spot to nap!

21. “This Is Our House. Not Our Cat”

It looks like a good fit.

22. “My Couch, Not My Cat. She Or He Is Since The Lockdown Every Day In Our House And Sometimes She Sleeps In Our Bed At Night. She Us So Kind And Love Her So Much”

Big stretchums.

23. “My House Not My Cat”

He judge.

24. “My House, Not My Cat! She Silently Followed Me Through The Front Door, Then Jumped On The Sofa. Took Me By Complete Surprise. No Collar, So I Decided To Call Her Miss Pring, As She Made The Loudest “Prrringg” Noise To Get My Attention!”

She’s a smart one.

25. “So Sorry For Breaking The Rules (And This Will Be My Only Update I Promise)—i Posted A Few Weeks Ago About The Feral Family Of Six That Are Taking Over My House (But Not My Cats). Today I Caught The Ferals Knotted Up On My Car Sleeping. Two Jumped Down Immediately, But The Rest Took Enough Time Out Of Their Busy Day To Give Me The Stink Eye. When They Feel Brave Enough To Do That, I Think That’s When They Officially Become Your Cats”

Sometimes “not my cat” becomes “forever my cat.” It’s even better when there’s more than one.

26. “Again? I Do Not Own This Cat. I Do Not Know This Cat. I Do Not Know How This Cat Got In My House”

The visitor.

27. “My House, Not My Cat. We Are Bookended By Farms So People Toss Their Unwanted Cats Here. The Cats Know I’m A Sucker For Kitty Snuggles”

Who wouldn’t be a sucker for this kitty?

28. “My Family, Our New House And Definitely Not Our Cat. It Is A Neighbourhood-Cat But Still Is Around When People Present, Former Owner Used To Feed Him And Now It Seems Our Responsibility”

Congratulations on the house and the cat!

29. “His Is Not My Cat”


30. “Not My Cat Provided Me With 13 Not My Kittens This Year. She Is Now Not My Spayed Cat”

What a sight to behold!

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