Excited To See Firefighters Give A Dying Cat An Oxygen Mask

Surviving the cat that was burned in the fire, a firefighter from Russia Andrey Meister was praised by many people online.

Russian firefighter Andrey Meister is becoming a social media phenomenon after a video of him resuscitating a dying cat was shared on many forums.



Andrey Meister tries to get the cat to breathe with an oxygen tank.

According to Russia News, the cat crashed in a fire in the city of Tver, 160 km northeast of Moscow on November 12. After evacuating all trapped victims, and seeing the cat lying exhausted from inhaling too much smoke, he quickly sought to save its life.

Meister placed the animal next to the puddle, washed away the dirt from its fur, and used her oxygen tank to provide oxygen to the poor animal.

After 7 minutes of emergency treatment, the cat was lucky to wake up. It was then laid to rest on a sofa.

The action of Andrey Meister rescuing cats attracts millions of views. Netizens praised the Russian man’s humane actions.



This is not the first time firefighters have been praised for their actions in saving animals during a fire.

The image of a firefighter giving water to a koala bear after a forest fire in Victoria, Australia in 2009 became a beautiful symbol that was spread throughout social networks.

I hope these good images will spread the message and actions of the firefighters.

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