Feline heroine mother – how does it feel to feed 14 kittens at once?

In the eyes of a cat named Isabelle reads a silent request “Help! I’m so tired, ”but she steadfastly continues to fulfill her mission. Of the brood that swarms around her belly, there are very few native “tails”. Isabelle and two other cats ended up in the shelter already pregnant, but the other mothers refused to feed their offspring. And this fragile kitty took all the work on herself.

In fact, the story is even more confusing. It is known that a certain family had several cats, some of which lambed. And people decided that so many cat animals in their living space would be too much. Therefore, Isabelle was not even handed over, but was expelled to the animal shelter along with the others. And in the end she was left alone and 14 kittens to boot – the cat accepted the terms of this not particularly fair game.

When there is such a crowd of motley kids in one tray, you have to be inventive. It was difficult to establish which kittens are native to Isabelle and who are adoptive. Therefore, the family began to form from scratch, distributing collars with nicknames to everyone. Meet: Arcade, Mahko, Grizzly, Hyperion, Dill, Elk, Tiramisu, Curry, Zuko, Zeta, Aria, Nyx, Mace and Whirlwind.

In Isabelle’s gaze, longing and endless fatigue are unambiguously read. Being a mom for 14 kittens is hard work. The cat is exhausted physically and emotionally, but does not give up its business. The need to feed such a crowd with milk led to dehydration and weight loss of the animal.

The cat gives all her strength to the kittens, but this is not enough. It’s not just food – after settling in the shelter, she got normal food and at least some time to rest. Kittens, due to the difference in litter, differ in age and size. Isabelle has to make sure that the large butuses do not repel the smallest ones, and they also get a portion of her milk.

Give one a boob, hold the second with a paw, the third plummet a slap so that it doesn’t interfere, lick the fourth, because he himself does not know how yet. The cat is constantly busy with kittens and somehow manages to alternate her actions in order to take care of them all.

After settling in a shelter, changes began in this unusual feline family. For example, the first, also compulsory, visit to the veterinarian. All 14 kittens, plus Isabelle herself.

And here’s the first good news – all kittens are safe and sound. This means that Isabelle did an excellent job with the work of a mother with many children. And now it’s time to take care of her herself, the cat is really exhausted and needs food, fluids and rest.

Immediately after the examination, six older kittens were transferred to conditionally solid food, minced meat and porridge. And they were resettled from the rest, which greatly eased the fate of Isabelle. But eight kittens can also create problems.

One of the reasons for this unusual behavior of Isabelle was revealed a little later. It turned out that the cat has an almost overwhelming feeling of tenderness and the need for affection, she is gentle and caring with literally every living creature. But once it was this cat that survived the expulsion from the former home with its own children …

The kittens will grow up quickly, all of them will be sterilized and they will try to distribute them to new families. The same fate awaits Isabelle herself – the cat experts have made an unfavorable prognosis for her. Animals do not just abandon their cubs, but Isabelle has a certain “defect” that does not allow her to do so. This may sound sentimental, but in practice it threatens her with death due to excessive self-sacrifice for the sake of kittens.

Hopefully, cat mom Isabelle finds good people to own.


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