Flamengo fan raffles ticket to Libertadores semifinal for dog cancer treatment

Undoubtedly one of the games of the year will be the match between Flamengo and Grêmio in the Libertadores semifinals. A ticket for this match is, certainly, a jewel disputed for tapas out there. Then we see the news highlighting: Flamengo fans raffle tickets to save their best friend. Yes, he is disposing of this valuable asset out of pure love … for his dog.

Danilo Mello, 32, along with his girlfriend, 31, adopted a stray dog ​​in 2014. The new family member was named “Doze”. Currently, Danilo is unemployed and, during a veterinary consultation to check for an infection, he discovered that the dog had cancer .

Chemotherapy and radiotherapy sessions would cost the guy’s eyes. In summary, the treatment would be at least 10 thousand reais. Without conditions, but with the desire to help his four-legged friend, Danilo had an idea.

The most important game of the year, for Flamengo, will be at Maracanã, against Grêmio. In other words, all the fans of the biggest crowd in Brazil want a ticket. Therefore, putting a ticket up for grabs would certainly bring many interested parties.

Flamengo fan raffles ticket to save dog with crowd support

Initially, the couple raised about 2 thousand reais with the disclosure. But the fans of Mengão found out and the thing spread. Anyway, now Twelve already has the money for treatment. Danilo promised that all excess money would be donated to an animal rescue NGO.

The dog owner thought of trying to raffle something that had some value, but found nothing. It only had an old video game, which would not attract attention and the car, however, the vehicle was still unpaid.

Anyway, he made a tough decision and put the ticket he had to the Libertadores semifinal as a prize for the raffle. His girlfriend, at first, did not like it, since Danilo loves Flamengo. But it was clear that he loves Doze even more.

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