Frozen Cat On The Street Jumps Into The Bus For Help

How are minibus drivers different? Some won’t hesitate to kick an old woman or a child who lost their commute from the car. Others are ready to help any creature under challenging circumstances. What we want to tell you happened last year in Astrakhan.

Although the average January temperature in this city is just below -3°C, on that day it was -17°C which was very, very cold. Of course, homeless cats will have a hard time in such weather. And a cat, hoping to be rescued by someone, jumped on one of Astrakhan’s minibusses. The driver turned out to be a very animal lover.



Not only did he not drive the unfortunate animal out, but he carried it with him all day. He asks each passenger who gets into the bus if anyone wants to adopt a cat, and he calls his acquaintances all day and asks the same question.

In the end, one of the friends agreed to adopt the poor cat. At the end of the shift, the driver drove with the cat to the new owner’s home, where they had prepared food for the cat, and it looked like it was looking forward to it. That’s how a homeless animal draws his “lucky ticket for life”!



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