Get Mom’s Nod, 5 Cute Bear Cubs Play Happily In a Children’s Playground

Wild baby animals can be as adorable as family pets. They explore the surrounding with high curiosity and excitement. There is no strange to see dogs playing on the slide or sitting in the swing at children’s playgrounds. But when the subjects are majestic animals like bears, it’s astonishing. Not many people have a chance to witness it.

And, a man from Asheville, North Carolina spotted the cute gang and their bear mom in a children’s playground near his house. He stood in his backyard and captured all the joyful moments of the family in his camera.

You can watch the video below!

The mom bear took her 5 adorable cubs to a children’s playground to enjoy the swing and slides there. Although she allowed her cubs to play, she still kept a close eye on them. If there were any problems, she could manage them immediately.

The furry pack seemed to get interested in the slide instead of the swing. The slide fitted their sizes and allowed them to play with their siblings at a time.

And, they can’t wait to approach the slide and climbed on it. All scrambled to see who could jump on it first. Two of the gang even playfully fought for the no1 position.

The cute cubs had tons of fun with the slide. Their mom was laying on the grass and watching over them nearby. They were safe, so they just enjoyed it as much as possible.


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