Golden retriever delivers groceries to elderly neighbor in isolation

This beautiful case of love, compassion and empathy was recorded in Colorado (USA). The smart and charitable dog Sunny is making a difference in the lives of not only the owners. The golden retriever delivers groceries to an elderly neighbor, who has breathing problems and is in isolation.

The case went viral and showed how people with a good heart understand the delicate situation in the world. The woman, named Renee, is taking quarantine very seriously. The neighbors help her stay safe, but without missing anything at home. Even so, the elderly woman takes a risk when Sunny arrives, as she cannot resist and always caresses her canine friend.

Renee needs an oxygen tank, due to chronic lung problems. If she becomes infected with Covid-19, it can have serious health damage. Sunny’s owner, Eveleth, has known the elderly woman for more than 10 years. A friendship that only got stronger with the arrival of the golden retriever.

Golden retriever delivers groceries to neighbor and prevents her from leaving isolation

The elderly woman writes down what she needs on a paper and Sunny hands it to the owner. Eveleth does the shopping and the puppy hands it to Renee. Undoubtedly, it is a well-designed and full of love plan. A few weeks ago, the woman only needs to leave the house to receive purchases or deliver requests.

The dog has yet another important function: to keep Renee company. Alone at home, in short, she doesn’t have much to do. So, when you don’t need anything, you receive the dog just to distract yourself.

In conclusion, it is another sign that shows that the world still has a way, as long as the animals remain with us.

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