Gorgeous Lilac-breasted Rollers Have the Spring-like Colors

Spring is usually a magical time for most of us. However, with the pandemic and threat of the coronavirus, it’s easy to get distracted and forget about this season. The warm and lovely colors and those first blushing blooms are wilted and the brighter, livelier ones are poking their heads out.

There’s this bird that has spring-like colors.

The lilac-breasted roller is one of the most beautiful birds around the globe. It has these nice colors that can surely remind you of spring. With how they look, it’s surely mesmerizing to see them. Their name comes from their lovely purple breast feathers.

Unlike most bird species, there isn’t much visual difference between the males and females. They all get to be fabulous.

They belong to the Coraciidae family and it’s regarded as one of its most colorful members.  These birds are from sub-Saharan Africa, and can be found in areas of savanna or open woodland.

They have an average mass of 104 grams, and their size, on the other hand, ranges between 36 to 38 centimeters. Their fliers have can extend between 50 to 58 centimeters.

The birds like to sit alone or in pairs on treetops, poles, and other high vantage points. The locations enable them to easily spot scorpions, lizards, insects, rodents, and other small animals on the ground. In the winter, the flock can get bigger. This happens as small families fly together. And when they are in the air, they can show really amazing acrobatic and flight techniques.

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